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Swami Nirmalananda on Self Awareness

Self-awareness or God-awareness means awareness of oneself, a condition which is free from thoughts. One should be aware of oneself, but not thinking of oneself, all the time. When the mind is free from thoughts, the light of Heaven falls on us without any obstructions, bringing ineffable peace and inestimable joy.
Awareness is the eternal Presence. Awareness is not an act of our will. In simple self-awareness, we are able to find our wholeness and harmony. The impact of constant self-awareness is wonderful beyond words.
The sole aim of a spiritual aspirant is to bring about the annihilation of the mind or the slaying of the mind or the dead state of the mind by total attention, alertness and self-awareness. We then abide in Brahman by eliminating the mind-made miseries and problems.
Man is not only the cause of sorrow to himself but to others by his thoughtless words and actions. A totally harmless person alone can be absolutely free, fearless and happy. Swami Nirmalananda