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What is Brahman? – Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

A certain father had two sons. When they were old enough, they were admitted to the first stage of life (Brahmacharya) and placed under the care of a religious teacher to study the Vedas. After few years, having finished their studies, the boys returned home.Their father asked them if they had studied the Vedanta. On their replying in the affirmative, he asked, “Well, tell me what is Brahman?”The elder son, quoting the Vedas and other scriptures, replied: “O Father, It is beyond words and thoughts. It is so and so I know it all.” And to support what he said, he began quoting Vedantic texts.“So you have known Brahman!” said the father, “you may go about your business.” Then he asked the younger son the same question.But the boy remained silent; not a word came out of his mouth, nor did he make any attempt to speak.At this father remarked. “Yes, my boy, you are right. Nothing can be predicated of the Absolute and the Unconditioned. No sooner do you talk of it then you state the Infinite…