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Lord Ram and Hanuman Toys for Children

Lord Ram and Hanuman Toys are from Kridana, a United States based start-up.

Founded in 2007, Kridana is the brain child of Mahender Swami Nathan, an Indian-American. The aim of the company is to bring the best stories and characters associated with Hindu religion and mythology to life through 3-D toys and 2-D comics.

There will be two reactions to the Lord Ram and Hanuman Toys:

First, how can someone make toys of Hindu Gods? This is insulting Hinduism and its gods.

Second, I would love to see my children adore Lord Ram and Hanuman. Learn more about them and learn the good qualities in them.

To the first reaction the makers of the toys react

…we’re following in the footsteps of centuries of Indian cultural artistic tradition. There’s a rich and long tradition of the Ramayana being represented in Indian decorative arts and toys from 14th century Satriya dance masks in Assam to 16th century decorative bronze sculptures of Hanuman and Rama in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Kridana is no different. From conception to completion, making Hanuman and Rama come to life has involved hundreds of hours of work from 10 artists including illustrators, colorists, sculptors and painters, not to mention the hand-painting work done on each figure at our factory.” (The Hindu)

To the second comment

The virtues Hanuman embodies – loyalty, devotion, love of learning, humility -- make for hours of learning, as well, so both parents and children can enjoy Hanuman's adventures, old and new.

Kridana is also planning to bring out a toy based on Ravana in 2008. Comics and posters based on Ramayana are also available at the online store.

The Toy Hanuman is priced at $14.99 and has Hanuman's golden crown, Mace, and Himalayan Mountain. The toy has 10 points of articulation, a flexible tail and a flexible grip. In simple terms, while playing the mace can be replaced with Himalayan mountain and give actions to Hanuman.

The Toy Rama is also priced at $14.99 and has golden bow, Shiva's broken bow, and a divine arrow. The toy has 11 points of articulation and a flexible grip.

Currently, the toys are available only online and are only shipped to locations in United States and Canada.