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Costly Laddu Auction in Hyderabad on Ganesha Idol Immersion Day

The price of a single Laddu (sweet) auctioned during the Ganesh Immersion day in Hyderabad was rupees 650,000. Another famous laddu auction at Balapur in Hyderabad saw the price touching 415,000. What is all about this costly laddus auctioned on the Ganesha immersion day in Hyderabad?
There is a belief that Lord Ganesh bestows his blessings on the person who manages to outbid everyone and acquires the laddu. The auction first started in Balapur in Hyderabad and was soon adopted by several other pandals in the villages near Hyderabad. The person who brought the Balapur Laddu this year said that his real estate business picked up after he successfully bid for the Balapur Laddu in the year 2000. Last year a laddu was auctioned for 1.5 million rupees in the area. It is being said that this year many pandals deliberately kept the price lower and some even stopped the auction when a desired price was reached. The single laddu brought at such a huge cost weighs around 21 kg. The buyer d…

Thai Ganesha idol from Metropolitan Museum of Art Store

The Ganesha figurine from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Store or The Met Store is a reproduction of the Thai original ‘Seated Ganesha’ statue from the 15th century. The Met Store creates reproductions of original sculptures which are part of Museum’s collection. The limited edition (400 pieces) Thai bonded bronze idol is hand patinated (the chemical process by which a patina forms) and costs $300.The Ganesha idol is seated in a cross-legged yogic posture on a raised pedestal with a decorated molding. The statue will be available in India at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store in New Delhi.The price of this Met Store Ganesha is comparatively less when considering the costly Lladro ($900) and Lenox ($2000) Ganesha idols.

Nature of Hindu Concept of Maya in Siddhanta Panjara

Disciple: O teacher, I wish to know the nature of Maya in order to give it up. What is abandoned without knowing, that abandonment is indeed not real abandonment.
That is truly abandoned which is given up having known ‘this is thus’. Therefore O compassionate one, explain to me the nature of Maya.
Preceptor: That which endows (apparent) differentiation to beings with regard to their parts, is defined as Maya by the knowers of the essence of all scriptures.
That which produces diverse distinctions in the Supreme is verily called Maya by the examiners of the nature of Maya.
That which brings about impossible aberrations in the form of Brahman is verily called Maya by those learned in the essence of all scriptures.
That which appears to the intellect as having attributes in the one devoid of all attributes, as duality in the non-dual, is called Maya.
(The notion of) reality in the unreal is determined as Maya and that of unreality in the real is accounted for by the same.Siddhanta Panjara