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Showing posts from June 13, 2007

Guruvayur Cleansing Incident ends with a Sorry

The purification row at the famous Guruvayur SriKrishnaTemple, which involved the son of Union Minister Vayalar Ravi, has ended with an apology tendered by the Guruvayur Devaswom Board, the governing body of the temple.It seems somebody had given the wrong information to the main priest that the minister’s son was a Christian. Hope, the passing of wrong information was not an attempt to malign Hinduism.Well, the incident has had one good effect. The Devaswom Board wants the government to consider amendment to the Guruvayur Devaswom Act, 1978 as per which the ‘tanthri (main priest) is to be the supreme authority on religious matters.’ If the clause is removed, then the Guruvayur Devaswom Board can allow all people believing in Hindu Gods to visit the temple. Just like in Sabarimala. RelatedOn the entry of non-Hindus in Guruvayur

For Stillness Yann Martel introduces Bhagavad Gita to Canadian Prime Minister

Yann Martel is the Booker Prize-winning author of Life of Pi and every two weeks, he is sending a book that has been known to expand stillness to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. This week it is the Bhagavad Gita.The reason for sending the books is to teach Mr. Prime Minister the value of stillness.
To read a book, one must be still. To watch a concert, a play, a movie, to look at a painting, one must be still. Religion, too, makes use of stillness, notably with prayer and meditation. Just gazing upon a still lake, upon a quiet winter scene—doesn’t that lull us into contemplation? Life, it seems, favours moments of stillness to appear on the edges of our perception and whisper to us, “Here I am. What do you think?” Then we become busy and the stillness vanishes, yet we hardly notice because we fall so easily for the delusion of busyness, whereby what keeps us busy must be important, and the busier we are with it, the more important it must be. And so we work, work, work, rush, r…