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Why only find fault with Hindu God Men and Hindu spiritual organizations?

Business of the Gods by Tehelka this week questions the Hindu spiritual leaders for amassing fortunes and building empires.

Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, Art of Living. Holding on to faith and letting go of stress in these troubled times comes at a price. But millions are ready to pay. The healers, amassing fortunes and building empires, seem to be the happiest. – this is the introduction of the article and in a nutshell the theme of the article. Fortunately, there is a mention here and there in the article about the philanthropic activities conducted by the Hindu spiritual organizations.

The well researched article talks in detail about the finances of most famous Hindu spiritual organizations including Mata Amritanandamayi, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Baba Ramdev and Osho. Surprisingly missing from the list is Sai Baba.

It is amusing to note that Tehelka does not forget to mention the caste of Mata Amritanandamayi – DESPITE HER lower-caste origins, “Amma” Amritanandamayi — the saint of Kerala who has hugged at least 21 million people over the past three decades… Even if Hindus want to completely remove the caste system, the modern pseudo-secular media will never allow Hindus to do it. They will periodically bring it up in one way or another.

It is a well known fact that all Hindu spiritual organizations collect donations. Not only Hindu organizations but all religious organizations around the world receive donations. And all NGOs and religious organizations survive on donations.

Why make huge noise about the donations received by the Hindu organizations? Do these noise makers have the means to create the famous water canal done in Chennai by Sai Baba or the Rs 100 crore spend for tsunami rehabilitation by Amritanandamayi?

In India, with the Panchayat Raj system we have one elected representative for 1000 people. If our elected representatives had done their duty properly there would have been no need to approach these organizations. But often it is these organizations that help when there is a natural or man-made calamity. That too in most cases when the government machinery is on a standstill.

In India, no one is above the law and Constitution. So any antinational or subversive activities even by Hindu spiritual heads should be brought before the law; instead of conducting such lopsided campaign against Hindu organizations.

Finally, is it only the Hindu organizations that are receiving funds? What about the Christian missionaries? Are they working without money or are they minting money or are they capable of creating food and other necessary items from thin air?

POTA, a Christian organization in Kerala, known to receive funds from foreign countries is under scrutiny for nearly 1000 unnatural deaths. Supreme Court and High Court had to intervene and an investigation is on. Not mentioning here are the activities of certain Islamic organizations.

So when you talk about the Business of Gods, don’t stop with the Hindu Gods and God Men. There are Gods and God Men in other religions in India.

Hope, the writer of the article is aware of the Christian and Islamic organizations receiving foreign donations and working in India.

Well, it is easy to wake up a person who is sleeping but not the one who is feinting sleep.

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