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Comic Book on Indra – The King Gods from Virgin Comics

Indra – The King Gods from Virgin Comics is the third book in the India Authentic Series by Deepak Chopra after Ganesha and Kali. The book is written by Saurav Mohapatra and is slated to release on 11th July 2007.

About Comic Book Indra from Virgin Comics

I am Indra – the son of Dyaus. I am the Thunder! I am the King of Gods. Those that have stood before me have either become friends or have been crushed by my Vajra. Like Virithra, the serpent demon that held the waters of a young world hostage, and who could not be killed by any metal, or wood, or stone. I decimated him with my Vajra, crafted from the bones of the sage Dadhichi.

I am the ruler of Svarga (Heaven,) master of the nubile Apsaras (nymphs,) the lord of Soma (the sweet wine of Ambrosia,) and the tamer of Airavaat, the four tusked elephant of lore. I invite you to come see for yourself the might of Indra and the splendor of Amarvati Prime, the city of Gods.