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Animation Films Based on Hindu Mythology

Whether it is 2D animation or 3D animation or a combination of both, there is never a dearth of themes in Hindu Mythology. But sadly none of the entertainment houses were interested in exploring this untapped arena, until the huge success of Hanuman. The success of Hanuman has prompted several production houses in India to turn to animation of Hindu Mythologies… or as most adult Indians call it – cartoon for children with Hindu mythology themes. Perhaps animation never made it big in India because of this attitude of the adults.

Here is a list of the animation films based on Hindu Mythology. Most of them never had a major theatrical release.

The Prince of Light: The Legend of Ramayana directed by Yogo Sako and released in 1992 this was a Japanese production.

Pandavas - The Five Warriors was released in 2000 by Pentamedia Graphics Ltd and was the first 3D animated full length feature from India.

Hanuman released in 2005 was the first indigenous animation success story. This was a major theatrical success.

Ganesha released in 2005 in Hindi was directed by Santosh Kharade. Nothing is much heard about this animated Ganesha. In 2006, a second part was released.

Krishna – The Birth in Hindi was released in 2006. This also was a success.

Krishna – The The Makhan Chor in Hindi was released in 2007.

Apart from this in the last couple of years there have been several DVD releases of animated short films based on Hindu Mythology.

No comments on the quality and content because with limited budget we cannot expect these Indian animated versions to compete with Hollywood animation. Personally, I never enjoyed any of them except for the music of Hanuman.

Several animation films based on Hindu mythology are expected to release in 2007 and 2008 including Hanuman 2, Ghatothkacha, Luv Kush and My Friend Ganesha.

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