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Showing posts from June 5, 2007

Belgium Firm Withdraws Undergarment with the picture of Goddess Lakshmi

A garment firm in Belgium has apologized and withdrawn an undergarment with the picture of Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth. This withdrawal came after strong protests from the Indian community in Belgium.INEPNEXT reportsThe garment was displayed by a firm known as DOD based in Brussels.In an email to INEPNEXT the firm said “we are very sorry for having offended you, but not being conscious of the origin of the picture, we didn't do it on purpose.”The origin of the disgusting undergarment is yet to be found out and it is not known whether it is on sale in other countries too.

Kali Comic from Virgin Comics

Kali, sorry it is Kaali for Virgin Comics, is part of Deepak Chopra’s India Authentic Series. This is the second comic book, first being Ganesha. Kaali is the story of ‘the most primal and feared aspect of the Indian Mother Goddess.’ I guess the introductory tag explains it all. Instead of modern mechanized villains, we will be served demons from Hindu mythology and for a change the heroine is not a beauty but monstrous in appearance than the villains.Read what Virgin Comics has to say about KaaliShe was born in a crimson haze. She bathed in the blood of a thousand hearts, devoured a million creations and smeared on herself, the ashes of infinity…and then she slept.When Rakta Veej the blood demon and his unstoppable army of blood spawns laysiege to Amaravati, the city of Gods, the Gods desperately invoke the slumbering Vampiric spirit of Kaali to destroyer to fight their battle. But once the battle is done, will Kaali stop there? Or will her primal instincts cause her to turn on the…

Ancient Manuscripts in Banaras Hindu University to be Made Online

Nearly 1.1 million pages of ancient literary, philosophical and historical work in Sanskrit, Prakrit and other languages from the Central Library of Banaras Hindu University (BHU) will go online soon. The rare ancient manuscripts in the Central Library of BHU are sought by scholars from around the world.Daily India reports"The Central Library has digitized its all 7000 manuscripts. We have compiled 11 lakh pages and our next step is to make the material available online. To begin with, the material could be accessed from any computer system within the campus. Later, it will be available on internet," said Dr. D K Singh, Deputy Librarian of BHU.

Ganesha Comic from Virgin Comics

Virgin Comics is reinterpreting popular Hindu Mythology with modern illustrations and narrative styles. These illustrated graphic novels on Hindu themes are created by Deepak Chopra. The comic Ganesha is the first book in Deepak Chopra’s India Authentic series. For any kind of beginning, the best Hindu deity is Lord Ganesha and even for a comic series. Well, if you are thinking what India Authentic is all about, it is nothing but a ploy to sell Hindu mythology to the West in Western style but with a genuine Indian tag. From Virgin Comics about GaneshaCome with us on a journey to witness the origins of a God, a timeless tale of an inanimate golem crafted from primordial clay by Uma, the all-mother. His innocent bravado in defying Shiva, the mightiest of the Gods and even giving up his life to uphold a simple promise he made to his mother, the twist of fate that intertwines his destiny with another and the "rebirth" of the two as they become one.What’s new in this comic? Well…