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On the entry of non-Hindus in Guruvayur Temple

GuruvayurTemple is one among the thousands of Lord Krishna temples in Kerala. But the devotees are more found of the Unnikrishnan (the child Krishna) at the GuruvayurTemple. Everyone wants to get married here and wants to give the first meal of their child here. Even non-practicing Hindus want to offer prayers to Lord Krishna here. The net result is that the temple has become a center of controversy. The biggest controversy is whether to allow famous singer Yesudas to pray in Guruvayoor or not. Then there is the occasional hiccups created by the cleansing ceremony performed in the temple when a non-Hindu visits the temple. The recent controversy involved Union Minister Vayalar Ravi’s Son.Now there is a debate going on in Kerala whether to allow non-Hindus or not into the GuruvayurTemple.The Kerala State Government is ready to enact a law to allow non-Hindu believers entry into temples provided there is a consensus on the issue.An apex body of priests and Brahmin organizations in Keral…