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Dalits enter Jagannath temple in Keredagada

Breaking a 300-year-old taboo, dalits entered the Jagannath temple.Times of India reports"I cannot believe it. By the grace of God, we are now inside the temple," said Baidyanath Jena (65), the first Dalit to set foot inside the temple. His voice choked with excitement as he talked about his feelings. Kendrapara district collector Kashinath Sahoo described the event as "historic."Let the true teaching of Santana Dharma dawn on the people who resist dalits from worshiping in the name of the evil caste system. Earlier:Every Hindu, irrespective of his caste, has a right to enter any Hindu temple

Why some people never experience pain?

Yes! There are some people who never experience physical pain. For example, the Pakistani boy who helped scientists to solve the puzzle of ‘no pain’ used to pierce his arms with knives. Of course there will be cuts and bruises but no pain.The Telegraph writesWhen a British team came across the extraordinary boy they found three more related families in which there were six children — aged from two to 12 — who also felt no pain. Each originated from the Qureshi birdari clan in northern Pakistan.The scientists were able to determine that a mutation in the gene called SCN9A was responsible. This complemented the discovery that a painful inherited human neuropathy, known as erythromelalgia, in which sufferers experience a severe burning pain in response to warmth, is due to other mutations in the gene.As a result, they deduce that this gene can regulate pain sensation, from none at all to excessive pain. SCN9A is responsible for one that allows the surge of sodium atoms into a class of se…

Jesus Comes In Dream and Asks To Stop Making Hindu Medallion

Usually, Hindu Blog ignores such age-old tricks employed by Christian missionaries. There are numerous web sites which constantly publish articles deriding Hinduism. The ‘caste system’ is the main weapon used to attack Hinduism. Next comes the religious practices of Hindus especially that of the poor rural Indians. Even mainstream news portals are enthusiastic to report about certain practices of rural Hindus. This particular incident is being reported by the Catholic news agencies which always find space and time for chiding rural Hindu practices. From the Indian CatholicAn abandoned hut on the outskirts of a central Indian town has become a prayer center at the instruction of a 10-year-old boy who claims to have visions of Jesus. Rohit Rajan Toppo, a sixth-grader, initiated the center in a village near Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh state, 1,300 kilometers southeast of New Delhi.Toppo's father, Gyan Prakash, said the boy had his first vision of Jesus on 3 March 2005. In that vision Jes…

Keeping a Balance between Materialism and Spiritualism

Batik artist Rudaera believes in keeping a balance between materialism and spiritualism. Batik refers to a generic wax-resist dyeing technique used on fabric. Rudaera was trained to become a lawyer but ended up being a Batik artist and he finds peace and satisfaction in it. When people are not satisfied with their environment or surrounding or work, they start to travel. Rudaera ended up in India and to his luck he met, K. Haridasan, the head of an arts school in Kerala. He says to Staronline, Malaysia“Haridasan suggested that meditation was a good form of finding oneself – that it gives peace of mind for a person to think and contemplate,” he recalled.On returning to Malaysia he put to practice the wisdom he gained in India. This resulted in his first exhibition which was held in January 2005 at the Alliance Francaise, Malaysia.His 40 oil paintings were based on Indian tantric knowledge, and featured themes like “Essence of Earth”, “Dance of the Kundalini Serpent”, and “Spirit of Cre…

On Multinational Companies turning to Spirituality

Times of India has got and interesting post on the subject – “Pinstripes take a breat” by Neelima Mahajan. No idea what ‘breat’ means guess it’s a typo. Well, they might change it soon.The article talks about the return of Companies to Spirituality or similar methods after losing way in the 1980s and 90s. Some excerpts"Companies have realized that throwing financial incentives at employees will only take them so far,’’ says Arun Wakhlu, MD, Pragati Leadership Institute.”Money cannot be the only motivation—it wears off after a while. The key is to inspire people from within. So that they feel they are doing meaningful work and feel part of a community.’’So is everyone accepting spirituality?The other side of the story is that many organizations still view spirituality with skepticism. The reason? They associate it with religion. But those who encourage it at the workplace feel that this is an unfortunate misreading, and that spirituality is nothing but an internal value system tha…

Ancient Indian Statues to be Shipped Back

Six ancient religious statues seized by Revenue and Customs of United Kingdom at Heathrow in August 2005 will be returned to India. BritishMuseum confirmed the idols of Hindu Gods and Buddha were created between 7th and 11th centuries AD. (link)
Hope they get a befitting place in some museum…

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