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Robot Look Alike

How about a robot that looks like you? In October Zou Ren Ti, founder of the Xi'an Superman Sculpture Research Council, unveiled a robot his team is developing. The surprise was that the robot looked exactly like him. It was displayed at the annual China Robot Expo in Beijing.The robot can move and speak. But the impressive feature of the robot Zou Ren Ti was its skin made of silica gel.Well…any guess which is the robot?
From Time best inventions 2006

Some of the best inventions of 2006

Time has categorized some of the best inventions of 2006 hereThe floating bed seems to be a cool invention. It is the invention of Janjaap Ruijssenaars, a Dutch designerFrom UniversearchitectureIn contrast to conventional furniture which falls towards the earth, Floating Bed falls towards the sky. The goal in this project was to make a usable artifact of respectable size that doesn’t have gravity but another force as its image dictating starting point, namely magnetism.
The object is held up 40 cm by a permanent magnetic force due to the use of neodymium (NdFeB) elements in the floor as well as in the object. Thin steel cables assure its position and the smart use of steel plates and air make the object user friendly by strongly decreasing the magnetic force where it’s not necessary. The artifact can carry a load of 900 kg.The concept with all possible functions, products and images are registered and protected by its designer Janjaap Ruijssenaars.

Idol of Lord Shani Dev Seized

The Hindu reportsA 600-year-old "ashtha-dthatu'' idol of Lord Shani Dev, valued at about Rs.5 crore in the international market, has been seized from the Walled City of Delhi area by the Special Staff of the Delhi police.Numerous idols have already crossed the seas and adorn the living rooms of rich people; some adorn the lounge of hotels. Some find space in museums around the world. Well who cares for antique idols? Some have no time for cultural values. Some only have to time to install new idols.

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