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A Spray That Keeps Bad Karma Away – but Will It?

The spray, Karma Guard, has nothing to do with Hinduism. Only the term Karma is of Hindu origin. The Web site of the product saysA few words to our Karma Guard customers about our product’s ingredients: Ginseng, used by spiritual masters over 2000 years, has many invaluable qualities, one which according to ancient text, hastens the “burning up” or cleansing of Karma. When sprayed, the purified water and Ginseng in Karma Guard will also heighten your awareness of your Karma and the effect it has on you and others.The Chinese consider the plant Ginseng is a remedy for all diseases. It has been used by Native American people for centuries. The plant is now found largely in China, Japan and Korea. The word Ginseng means ‘the wonder of the world.’ (link)
But can a spray keep the bad karma away. I definitely feel this is nothing but making use of traditional Chinese knowledge to market a product. The product cashes in on the ignorance of people.
When poor rural Indians out of ignorance per…