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Showing posts from December 9, 2006

Ad campaign for environment conservation

This campaign is from Fundacao S.O.S. Mata Atlantica from Brazil. The ad shows animals being transformed into woods.(Via)

Installing Periyar E.V. Ramasamy Statue in front of the Sri Ranganathar Temple in Srirangam

Dravidar Kazhagam (DK) wants to install the statue of Periyar E.V. Ramasamy in front of the famous SriRanganatharTemple. But Hindus are against it. This is a pretty old issue going back to the 1970s. But the attempts to install the statue of Periyar were opposed by local people and Hindu organizations. Periyar is the atheist father of the Dravidian movement and opposed upper-caste oppression. The issue took a violent turn this week when a statue of Periyar was damaged at Srirangam. In retaliation several Hindu temples were attacked and idols were damaged.In modern day, people get killed in the name of statues only in India. Can the statue of Periyar belittle Lord Vishnu? Or will it affect Lord Vishnu? These people are fighting to satisfy their ego and criminal elements make use of such situation to spread violence and hatred. Brahman exists in everything - In Periyar statue, in the people fighting to install it, in those opposing it and in those sitting outside and watching the whol…

Criminals employing tech students

Criminal gangs are doing campus recruitment to ensure that they have a pool of well talented hackers.BBC reports:Some criminal gangs are paying students while they study to ensure they have a pool of tech-savvy workers to call on, says the report from McAfee. Others are cashing in on the glamour of the hi-tech world to tempt youngsters into embarking on a life of crime. McAfee said children as young as 14 years old were being targeted by some criminal gangs. "Some students are being sponsored through their IT degree," said Mr Day. Once qualified, the graduates go to work for the criminal gangs.When everything is going high-tech can the criminals stay behind?

Long wait at hospital paved the way for a new career

Mohan Korrapati’s Agastha Inc was the result of his long wait in the medical exam room. He decided to develop software for medical facilities, which reduces the time at the medical facility and which minimizes the use of paper. So what exactly does Agastha do? With the software provided by Agastha, patients can know how many others are ahead of them. They can also fill in the necessary details online, sign documents, and much more. This eliminates the paperwork. Doctors need not wait for the hard copies to treat patients as the records are electronic. The company is presently serving the medical facilities in the Carolinas and is based at Fort Mill, South Carolina. Most of Agastha’s work is done at Chennai and Hyderabad. A unique idea and conviction can take you to places. (via)