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New Theory to Divide by Zero – is it a hoax?

Dr James Anderson, from the University of Reading's computer science department, says he has found a theorem to solve the problem of nothing. And the new number is called nullity. BBC Reports:Dr Anderson has come up with a theory that proposes a new number - 'nullity' - which sits outside the conventional number line (stretching from negative infinity, through zero, to positive infinity).BBC also has a video of the story. Well, Anderson gave this explanation to a group of school children. Most elders have called it a hoax.By the way - the concept of zero originated in ancient India and is derived from the Hindu concept of a void.

(images from BBC)

Hinduism Journal from Harvard

The journal titled Swadharma is from Harvard’s Hindu students.

What has it to offer?
Swadharma is a semi-annual publication dedicated to the presentation of Hinduism and Indian philosophy. Swadharma seeks to broaden the knowledge and understanding of Hinduism by serving as a medium of intellectual exchange between scholars, academics, and the global community. Blending scholarly articles, interviews, academic research, and editorials, the journal broadly examines views and perspectives on modern Hinduism with the goal to create better awareness and understanding of the tradition by Hindus and non-Hindus alike.
Visit here to subscribe or to know more about Swadharma. Thanks to Vikram for the link

Learn Sanskrit Words Online

Sanskrit Voice is a non-profit project created by Seshu Karthick to learn, and spread awareness about Sanskrit. Sanskrit Voice also intends to create a community of Sanskrit lovers. What Sanskrit Voice offers1. Learn Sanskrit glossary at your leisure.
2. Read & Share articles or resources related to Sanskrit.
3. Campaign the learning of Sanskrit.Write articlesYou can contribute articles to Sanskrit Voice. It can be your interpretation of Sanskrit verses, Vedas, epics, morals, news, facts, or anything that serves the Sanskrit loving community. You will be credited for your articles, and a back-link to your website will be provided.