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Every Hindu, irrespective of his caste, has a right to enter any Hindu temple – Orissa High Court

The Orissa High Court was hearing a PIL filed seeking protection for Dalits for their entry into the Jagannath temple at Keredagada in Kendrapara District. "Every Hindu, irrespective of his caste, has a right to enter any Hindu temple which is open to other persons professing the same religion," a division bench of Chief Justice Sujit Burman Roy and Justice M M Das observed. (via)But will it change the mindset of some Hindus who are totally ignorant of the teaching of Hinduism. Caste System today prevails in the mind of the people. Unfortunately, there is no method to clean the mindset of such people. The caste system is monstrous. There are numerous laws against it in India. But laws cannot change the mind of people. Every day we have discussions taking place on dalit atrocities. We have numerous political parties who advertise as saviors of dalits. But nothing has changed. Successive governments, political parties and the mainstream media have failed in protecting the dali…

Mummy, do we worship a monkey god?

Kul Bhushan writes in rxpgnews'Mummy, do we worship a monkey god?' asked a toddler in Britain. Such a question can be asked to any NRI mother, anywhere. The query would be difficult to tackle on the spur of the moment. What NRI children learn in school about their religion and gods is neither sufficient nor adequate - and sometimes incorrect! They have to respond to the comments, taunts and jibes from classmates. So they fall back upon their parents to give them the background; in most cases, they do not get it.This is a problem not faced by NRI children alone. In India, we face similar problem in schools with children from different religious backgrounds. I was once personally jeered for the worship of ‘Shiv Ling.’Christian missionaries particularly make use of symbols like ‘Shiv Ling’ and Hanuman to attack the Hindu faith. NRIs find it tougher to tackle the situation as they are in the midst of dominant religions which for centuries have been ridiculing Hinduism. The Consequ…