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Devotee offers 70 kg gold as Thulabharam in Guruvayur Temple

Thulabharam is an important ritual at the SriKrishnaTemple in Guruvayur, Kerala. In the ritual, the devotee sits on the one side of a weighing balance. The other side of the weighing balance is filled with materials he/she wishes to offer. The devotee offers materials of his/her weight or more. Normally people offer sugar, jaggery, sacred leaves etc. But on Monday T N C Menon, Managing Director of the Bangalore-based Sobha Group companies, performed Thulabharam with gold at Guruvayur. The gold was brought in the form of biscuits. (via)
The price of 1 kg gold in international market while writing this article in Hindu Blog was 925246.40 Rupees. For 70 kg = 6,47,67,220 Rupees.Rotation of money is crucial for any economy and Sri Krishna is doing his bit.Thulabharam is also performed at Tirupati and several other temples in South India. The picture is of a young devotee performing Thulabharam at Tirupati.

Temples in Maharashtra to Be Controlled By the Government

The reason for taking over the control of the temples is irregularity. Times of India reportsA senior official in the law and judiciary department confirmed the proposal, saying the government plans to enact a new legislation called the Maharashtra temples or religious institutions (management and regulation) act in view of the recommendations made by the state law commission, headed by veteran legal expert D N Choudhary.

"A draft bill is ready and it will be soon brought before the cabinet for approval," the official said. Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh had asked the state law commission to draft a common legislation to enable the government to provide for management and regulation of any temple or religious institution by a state-appointed committee.
The government also has plans to distribute the surplus income in some temples to temples which are economically impoverished. If implemented properly it would be of great help to devotees and smaller temples. But politicians …

Rare Sculptures found in Banthia Jagannath Temple of Baripada, Orissa

Authorities of the 19th century BanthiaJagannathTemple found the rare sculptures during annual maintenance. The Hindu reports:Chiselled out of granite stones, the sculptures depicting 'Srikrishna Rasaleela' and 'Kaliya Dalan', were found on the temple walls.The sculptures were of about five feet height and three feet width each, which were placed on the south and west side walls of the main temple, constructed in 1865 by Srinath Bhanjadeo, the then Maharaja of Mayurbhanj.