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On Online Pujas and Rituals

Times of India reports:Namrata Singh, who stays in Los Angeles was told to conduct a Chandi path for the well being of her daughter. Unable to come to India for the puja, Singh sent money to her relatives who got the puja done in their home town. Singh says, "My parents insisted that I get this puja done for my daughter and since in LA it would have been difficult, I sent the money. The puja and the feeding of the brahmins was done in India."Sociologist Nandini Sardesai feels this trend speaks of a sense of insecurity that the diaspora has. "In many cases they tend to be more religious than the people back home. And by outsourcing rituals, they try and justify the sense of guilt that they have of not doing enough. Also by getting such religious services done, they feel connected with home."If online pujas can provide relief and peace it is good. But will it?Look what Shankaracharya had to say,As the ancient portions of the revealed scriptures state, the original ri…