Karkidaka Masam 2016 – Karkidakam Month in Kerala in 2016

Karkidaka Masam, is also known as Ramayana Masam, in Kerala. It is also the last month in a Malayalam calendar. Karkidaka Masam 2016 begins on July 16 and ends on August 16. Karkidaka Vavu Bali (August 2) a ritual dedicated to the dead ancestors and relatives is also performed in this month.

Note - In Northern Malabar region of Kerala Karkidaka Masam begins on on July 17.

Karkidaka Masam Ekadasi Fasting are on July 30 and August 14.
Karkidaka Masam Pradosham Fasting are on July 17, July 31 and August 15.

The Muruga Sashti Fasting is on August 8

Karkidaka Vavu Bali is on August 2

Full Moon and No Moon Day
Karthuvavu or Amavasi – August 2

Veluthuvavu or full moon day (Purnima) – July 19

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