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Nalambalam Temples In Kannur District - Temples Of Four Brothers Of Ramayana

Nalambalam darshanam, or visit of four temples in a day, dedicated to the four brothers of Ramayana – Sri Rama Swami, Sri Bharata Swami, Sri Lakshmana Swamy and Sri Shatrughna Swami – is an important pilgrimage in Kerala. There are five different sets of Nalambalam Darshanam in Kerala. Here is a look at the Nalambalams in Kannur district in North Kerala.

Nalambalam Temples In Kannur District

The four temples that are part of the Kannur Nalambalam are:

  1. Neerveli Sri Rama Swamy Temple
  2. Elayavoor Bharata Swamy Temple
  3. Peruvancheri (Perinchery) Lakshmana Temple Near Uruvachal (famous as Perinchery Vishnu Temple)
  4. Payam Shatrughna Swami Temple off Iritty - Peravoor road (famous as Payam Kadamunda Sri Maha Vishnu Temple)

People undertake the darshan of the four temple in a single especially in the Karkidakam month (July – August) observed as Ramayana Masam in Kerala.