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Pithori Amavasi – Pitori Amavasya Vrat

Pithori Amavasi is observed on the Amavas (No moon) day in the month of Bhadrapad (August – September) as per North Indian calendar. The corresponding month in other regions is the Shravan month. Goddess Durga is worshipped on Pitori Amavasya. In 2017, the date of Pithori Amavasi is August 21.

Legend has it that the importance Pithori Amavasi Vrat was narrated to the wife of Lord Indra by Goddess Parvati. It is believed that performing this Vrata will help in attaining healthy and brave sons.

Married women observe Pithori Amavasi for the good health and well being of their children. In some regions, Goddess Durga, 64 Yoginis and Saptamatrikas are worshipped on the day.

Pitha means flour and women make idols of Goddess Durga using the flour. Some communities make 64 small shapes using flour representing the deities.

Sri Venkateswara Bhakti Channel to Broadcast Live the Ringing of the Bells at Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple

Two huge bells placed at the Ghanta mandapam before Bangaru Vakili (Golden Threshold) in SrivariTemple in Tirumala Tirupati is sounded daily to alert people on commencement of various rituals like Thomala, Archana, Koluv and Naivedya Samarpana sevas. Now, Sri Venkateswara Bhakti Channel, the official television channel of Tirumala Tiruapati Devasthanams (TTD) has decided to telecast live the ringing of the bells. Express Buzz reportsIt will be telecast every day without fail, even if the scheduled programme has to be stopped midway, SVBC officials said.According to them, the ringing of the bell on Tirumala has a mythological and historical importance. It is said that only after hearing the bells of Tirumala, that the Deva, Yaksha, Kinnera and other celestial beings take their food.The Ghanta Mandapam -- also known as Maha Mani Mantapam and Mukha Mantapam -- was constructed in 1417 AD by Amathya Mallanna, a minister in the Vijayanagara court, popularly known as Madhava Dasu.The bell is…

Thoughts on Love – Atmananda Krishna Menon

Sri Atmananda Krishna Menon (1883-1959) was a modern day Advatin. If you love another for his or her gross and external qualities alone, that love is of the lowest type. But if you love the other knowing that it is the life principle alone in the other that you love, then that love becomes sublime. And lastly, if you love the other knowing that it is that which transcends the attributes - body, senses and mind - that you love, there the otherness vanishes at once. That love is the most sublime, and is the Absolute itself. Your love is directed only to the real substratum or Self. You happen to love the qualities in one, simply because they belong to the substratum you love. You love, because love is the real nature of the real Self and you cannot help loving even for a moment. Genuine love absorbs everything into you, and then duality dies. But in conditioned love, or gratitude, duality persists in giving and taking. Atmananda Krishna Menon You may also like to read Atmananda Krishna Meno…

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