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Scientists Attempt to Find Sanjeevani Herb of Ramayana

In the Ramayana, Lord Hanuman carried the mountain with the Sanjeevani Herb to save the life of Lakshman, the younger brother of Lord Ram, who was struck and rendered unconscious by the arrow of Indrajit, son of Ravana. For thousands of years, scientists, Ayurveda practitioners and common people, have been trying to identify the exact Sanjivani Herb that brought back Lakshmana to consciousness.

Sanjeevani literally means something that offers life. Now a group of scientists from Bangalore have zeroed in on two plants grown in the Western Ghats, Aravali and the Vindhyas, which could be the Sanjivani herb that saved the life of Lakshman.

Kalyan Ray writes in Deccan Herald

A fern Selaginella bryopteris and an orchid Flickingeria fimbriata, could be the potential species representing Sanjeevani, said researchers from the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Bangalore and College of Forestry, Sirsi.

“S.bryopteris is known to offer protection against heat shock and ultra-violet ray shock. Its medicinal properties are under investigation by other researchers. The orchid also satisfies most of the criterion,” team leader K N Ganeshaiah from UAS told Deccan Herald.

In 2005, scientists in Hyderabad and Gwalior began investigating the medicinal properties of S.bryopteris with the assumption that it may be that magical herb.

According to the scientists, Lakshmana was in coma owing to a heat shock or poison of the arrow. Sanjeevani had awakened or rejuvenated him.

The researchers hypothesises that Sanjeevani might have followed the ancient medicinal principle of ‘similar cures similar’, which means that the plant had the ability of resurrecting itself from a state of near death situation.

Since S.bryopteris can rejuvenate itself from almost dead-dry state by absorbing water as and when available, the plant may be used to ‘resurrect’ Lakshmana.

Commenting on the research, eminent botanist and former professor of Delhi University, H Y Mohan Ram said: “This is an appreciable attempt to eliminate many probable candidates. It should encourage others to follow up.”

Ganeshaish, however, added that a completely new plant may come up as a potential candidate if other search routes are adopted.

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