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The story of Sage Dadhichi and Vajrayudha - Dadeechi Rushigalu and Narayana Varma Japa

This article is a guest post and is written by Sri Narahari Sumadhwa. He has used Telugu names of Hindu saints and gods. It is presented without editing and I have only added the popular names of Saints in braces.

Dadeechi Rushigalu (Saint Dadhichi) was born on Bhadrapada Shudda Ashtami. The day observed as Dadeechi Jayanti.

Sage Dadhichi is considered in the Puranas as one of our earliest ancestors and he shines in this great country as the illustrious example of sacrifice for the sake of the liberation of the suffering from their distress. No sacrifice is too great for the noble-minded in this world.

During Krta Yuga, there was a daitya (demon) named Vritrasura. He, associated by Kalakeyas, was attacking Devataas (demi gods) and people were made to suffer a lot. Devatas (demi gods) were losing their battle against Daityaas. At that time they went to Lord Brahma, who took them to Srihari (Lord Vishnu), who recommended them to make a weapon to destroy Vritrasura, with the help of bones of Sage Dadhichi .

Sage Dadhichi’s bones were very powerful with the Tapashakthi and with Narayana Varma Japa Shakthi. His bones were very hard and unbreakable.

Accordingly, all the Devatas went to Sage Dadhichi and requested him to donate his bones to them. Sage Dadhichi , thereupon quietly acceded to the request of Indra, the king of demi gods. By his powers of Yoga he gave up his life so that his backbone might be utilized for making the mighty bow, Vajrayudha.

After his death, all the Devatas collected his bones. They made a weapon named “Vajrayudha” with the spinal bone of Dadheechi and gave it to Indra.

With the help of Vajrayudha, Indra killed Vrutraasura.

Who was Demon Vrutrasura ?
Once there was a Prajapathi named Tveshta, who had a son called Vishwaroopa, who had three heads and was a sage having immense spiritual strengths.
Once Devendra did not pay respect to Devata Gurugalu Bruhaspatacharyaru (Sage Brihaspati).
Bruhaspatacharyaru went out of Devaloka and was not traceable for the gods due to his Yogashakthi. So they were left with No Guru.
Then Lord Brahma suggested that they can make Vishwaroopacharya as the temporary Gurugalu till Bruhaspatacharyaru is traced. Initially Vishwaroopacharya refused and subsequently he agreed to become their Guru. He gave Indra Narayana mantra upadesha. This Vishwaroopacharya’s mother is from Daithya family (demon).
Once during a Yagna, Vishwaroopacharya while giving “Aahuthi” to devategalu, he was also giving aahuti to daithyaas (demons). This made Indra angry and he cut off Vishwaroopacharya’s head in anger. As Vishwaroopacharya is a Brahmin, Indra got Brahmahatya Dosha.
When Prajapati Tvashta, the father of Vishwaroopacharya, came to know of the incident, he became furious and performed a Yagya with the purpose of avenging the death of his dear son. From the holy fire was born another son of Tvashta, whom he named as Vritrasura, and whose sole aim in life was to avenge his brother's death by destroying Indra.
Vritrasura then did the Tapas and he was granted a supreme boon that no weapon known till day will kill him and he would not die even of anything that was either wet or dry or any weapon made of wood or metal.
The boon also ensured that his power would go on increasing during the battle. After getting the boon, Vritrasura attacked Indra and his forces managed to give a crushing defeat to him as a result of which Indra had to flee from the battle scene leaving behind his elephant Airawat.
Vritrasura then took over Indralooka, forcing Indra to run to Kailasadeesha Shiva for help. Rudradevaru (Shiva) along with Brahma went to Srihari seeking his help.
Vishnu advised them that they should first win the confidence of Vritrasura, befriend him and then kill him when he may not be on his guards. Vishnu also advised them that they should pray to the Goddess so that through her 'Yogmaya' she may render Vritrasura incapable of intelligent thought.
Srihari also said that Vritrasura can be killed only with the bone of Sage Dadeechi. Dadeechi Rushigalu readily agreed for the divine mission and Vrutrasura was killed.
Written by Sri Narahari Sumadhwa