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Dhanu Sankranti

Dhanu Sankranti is an important day in traditional Hindu calendar and on the day sun enters the Dhanur Rashi (Sagitarius). In 2017, the date of Dhanu Sankranti is December 16. Time is at 12:13 PM. The day also marks the beginning of Dhanur Mas. Dhanu Sankranti is of great significance in Orissa and special prayers and pujas are offered to Lord Jagannath on the day. The famous Dhanu Yatra – street play based on Krishna visiting Mathura – is held during the period at Baragarh.

In many regions in India, on Dhanu Sankranti day Surya (Sun God) is worshipped. Prayers are offered to Surya and people also take dip in holy rivers. Dhanu Sankranti marks the beginning of the transition through the Dhanur Rashi (Sagitarius) and this particular period ends on the Makar Sankranti day.

In Orissa, a special sweet made of rice known as Dhanumuan is prepared on the day.

A Review of Invading the Sacred: Understanding and Misunderstanding Hindu Tradition

The book, Invading the Sacred – An Analysis of Hinduism Studies in America published in 2007 attempted to uncover the invisible networks behind a Hindu phobia especially in the AmericanAcademy that is systematically undermining core icons and ideals of Hindu culture and thought. A Review of Invading the Sacred: Understanding and Misunderstanding Hindu Tradition explains why the book ‘Invading the Sacred’ signals a new intellectual movement within Hinduism and some of the challenges this new movement will likely face. The review is available in English and Hindi online and is free of charge. A Review of Invading the Sacred: Understanding and Misunderstanding Hindu Tradition is published by The Samprajna Institute – a charitable organization that represents the diverse talents and perspectives of people with extensive experience studying and working with the people of South Asia. The review is by By Krishna Kirti Das and Gaura Keshava Das.The review highlights key sections and points in…

Teachings of Amma Amritanandamayi

If there is anything that is our own, it is our likes and dislikes.
Receptivity is the ability to accept all experiences of life without reacting to them.
Love is seeing and feeling life everywhere. When your heart is full of love, you sense life pulsating through all creation.
Only in the depth of pure silence can we hear God's voice. Silence is like an upright empty glass that is capable of being filled with, and retaining, the water of knowledge.
Question: “How are you able to smile always?” 
Mata Amritanandamayi’s answer: “I do not depend on anything for my happiness.”
Mata Amritanandamayi

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