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Indian Railway Spiritual Tour Package to Chennai – Madurai – Palani – Tiruchendur – Kanyakumari

Indian Railways has announced numerous spiritual tour packages starting from November 2008 to March 2009. One such spiritual package – 3days and 4nights – is to the temples at Palani, Madurai, Tiruchendur and Kanyakumari in South Tamil Nadu. The tour covers PalaniDandayuthapaniTemple, Pazhamuthir Cholai, MaduraiMeenakshiAmmanTemple, TiruchendurSenthilAndavanTemple, KannyakumariKumariAmmanTemple, Vivekananda Rock, Tiruvalluvar Statue and ThiruparankundramTemple.Rate per Person on twin sharing is Rs. 5,400/-. The tour starts on every Thursdays in the month of December 2008, January 2009, February 2009 and March 2009. There is also special offer for groups – 5-6 pax on triple sharing Rs.3250/- per pax. The package Includes:Confirmed train accommodation (SL for economy)
Road Transport – Car / Tempo traveler / Coach (Non A/c for Economy)
Accommodation (Budget accommodation with standard breakfast)
Toll, parking and all applicable taxes for above services.You can find more details about the sp…

Aghan Poornima – Purnima date in Aghan Month

Poornima, or Purnima, is the full moon day in a traditional Hindu calendar. Purnima date is December 3, 2017. It is the last day in a month in the calendar followed in North India. Purnima is known as Pournami in South India. Fasting from sunrise to sunset is observed by some Hindus on the day. The Purnima in December is the Aghan Poornima.

Dattatreya Jayanthi is observed on the Aghan Purnima day. Annapurna Jayanti is also observed on the day.

Purnima day is chosen by many Hindus conduct pujas like the Satyanarayana Puja.

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Words of Wisdosm – Tiruvalluvar in Tirukural

In every action there are the three elements of loss, acquisition and value. The quality and measure of each of these three elements should be weighed before undertaking any action.The wise do not launch an undertaking by which, for a possible future gain, they will lose what is already got.The wise conserve what is already gained before entering on a doubtful undertaking.Plan fully before launching out on action. To think of devising ways and means in the course of the action is fatal. Think well before resolving on action. Hesitation after the decision is taken is bad. These two are complementary principles of action.Tiruvalluvar in Tirukural

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