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New Book: Bhaja Govindam – Follow Your Heart

Bhaja Govindam the immortal classic of Adi Shankaracharya holds the gist of all his Vedantic works. This new book based on the classic titled Bhaja Govindam: Follow Your Heart by Chandrika is a translation along with an explanation elaborating the relevance and adaptability of each verse in Bhaja Govindam to the present day world.Adi Shankaracharya’s Bhaja Govindam, also known as Moha Mudgara or The End of Illusion, is a collection of thirty-one verses in Sanskrit. It looks at the eternal question of man's quest for happiness in a world that is transient and filled with delusions. Bhaja Govindam speaks of man's weaknesses – lust, anger, greed and attachment – and the steps needed to overcome them.Apart from the translation and explanation, the book contains an exhaustive biography of Adi Sankara, his contribution to Hinduism and a chapter on the relevance of Bhaja Govindam today. The translation and commentary is by Chandrika, who has a background in academics and teaching for…

Economic Recession creates high demand for Financial and Vedic Astrologers

Thanks to the current economic recession, astrologers and astrology websites are having a great time as more and more people are taking to astrology to know about the dips and surges in stock markets. This might surely sound a joke and bizarre for a large section of people. But majority of large and small investors in India believe that astrology can predict the future or at least give an idea of what is going to happen. Interestingly, there is a great interest in astrology courses and those joining the courses include bank employees, chartered accountants, engineers and people related to finance. The salary package for a financial astrologer ranges from half a million rupees to two million rupees per annum.And if you thought the craze for astrology was limited to Indians then its time to update. Financial astrology is in great demand in United States, Britain and other European nations. It is considered as a lucrative profession.Nikhila Henry writes in Times of IndiaThe 2008-09 batch…

On the relationship of Men and Women in Hindu Culture – Swami Ranganathananda

Hindu culture has behind it a profound philosophy, the Vedanta, which is the product of a penetrating scientific study of nature and man. Among the values that this philosophy has placed before all humanity, the most significant is the truth of the innate divinity of man.Men and women and all beings are divine in their essential nature, and men and women have been endowed by nature with the organic capacity to inquire into and realize this great truth. Hindu culture views all social evolutions the process of the incorporation of this truth into the texture of human relationships. From it are derived the values of freedom, equality, and the dignity and sacredness of the human personality.Men and women are essentially the ever-pure, ever-free, ever-illumined Atman, the sexless Self. Associated with body and mind, this Atman becomes conditioned as male and female. In the realization of the manhood of man by men and the womanhood of woman by women, in the context of the equality of the ma…

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