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Hindu Blog Turns 2

The first post on happened two years ago. It was a spurt of the moment decision to begin Hindu Blog. With no good guide to follow, I groped in the dark during the first few months. There were no visitors, no friends, no ideas exchanged but I was learning a lot about Hinduism. So the thought of quitting never came to my mind. And by the time the core teachings of Sanatana Dharma had done its magic – it taught me that all I had to do was realize the Brahman in me and what was stopping me from self realization was the ego and ignorance that had accumulated from various sources. So to cleanse myself of ego and ignorance, I started learning and it continues…While learning, I came across several interesting ideas, thoughts and facts and I started sharing it through the blog. Then slowly people started visiting the blog, ideas were exchanged and ideas for a particular post started evolving from these exchanges. So Hindu Blog is primarily the result of what Hindus want to know …

On the Love of Radha and Krishna – its symbolic meaning by Swami Chinmayananda

The love of Radha and Krishna is symbolic of the eternal love affair between the devoted mortal and the Divine…Radha’s yearning for union with her beloved Krishna is the soul’s longing for spiritual awakening.Every human being is constantly seeking a share of peace and happiness, and since one does not know the real source of these, one seeks them in the midst of sense objects. But when, in devotion, one comes to turn one’s entire attention towards the higher and the nobler, one experiences the Immortal, the Infinite – as intimately as one experienced the world and its changes before.Sri Krishna says in the Bhagavad Purana: “The mind that constantly contemplates the sense objects irresistibly comes to revel in their finite joys, and the mind that learns to constantly remember Me comes to dissolve into Me and revel in Me.”Radha represents this state of devotion and consequent merging with the Lord.Swami ChinmayanandaToday is Radha Ashtami, the birthday of Radha.

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