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Challenge Christian Conversion Methods in India with Non-Violence and Self Introspection

Violence is not the answer to any problem. Violence only breeds hatred, resentment and more violence and the vicious cycle continues. The conversion method adopted by Christians in India was condemned by Hindus in private and many Hindus showed a callous attitude towards the Christian conversion issue. But dramatic developments around the world in the past three decades saw secular Hindus becoming insecure and threatened and this was cleverly exploited by fundamentalists. A very minority section in Hindu society started adopting tit for tat method and the majority of secular Hindus kept silent.

Christian aggression in the form of conversion was met with violence by Hindus. Churches were attacked or burned, poor people were killed and thousands were rendered homeless. What did Hindu society gain from this meaningless violence? Nothing!

In a democratic society there are several non-violent methods to show protest. Printed literatures and methods employed by Christian missionaries for converting Hindus always contain derogatory statements against Hindus, Hinduism and Hindu gods. Take it to the public. Use the media to highlight the issue. Conduct mass meetings. Make general public aware of what is happening in grassroots level.

And those going to break churches in the name of Hinduism must also remember that the core teachings of Santana Dharma (Hinduism) have withstood massive butchering of its followers and malicious propagandas for thousands of years. Santana Dharma does not require foot soldiers and defenders. It will withstand any storm because its teachings are universal and cannot be kept closeted behind the iron walls of religion.

Breaking Churches and killing people is not going to win sympathy of majority of Hindus. They will only condemn such acts. Christian hierarchy will hide behind the veil of education and charity and become apostle of peace.

Majority of the Christians in India are unaware of the nefarious activities of church authorities and the new breed of Pentecostal Pastors. What they hear is only violence against poor Christians. It is only natural for them to get angry, feel threatened and insecure.

Majority of the Hindu charitable organizations, Mutts, Swamijis and popular Hindu organizations remain silent when Christian fundamentalist organizations are at work. It is their duty to see that the Hindus do not follow the path of violence. Popular Hindu leaders never bother to solve such issues and their space is filled by fundamentalists. And fundamentalists in all religion only know one method – the method of violence.

It must be noted here that Christian missionaries never tries to convert Muslims in India, even though vast majority of Muslims in India are poor. Muslim community in India is close-knit and they have community leaders who will address such issues immediately.

Violence is the easiest method and anyone can employ it. But non-violence needs extraordinary courage.

If Christian missionaries are taking advantage of poverty and inequality in Hindu society, the fault lies in the disinterestedness shown by majority of Hindus towards their poor brothers and sisters. The energy that is spent on violence should be channeled towards constructive purposes like building co-operative societies which will be an economic source for poor Hindus and also fighting those people who create inequality in the name of caste.