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Inspirational Thoughts from Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Swamigal

This inspirational dialogue happened when Dr. S.I.Tulaev, Russian Indologist, had an interview with Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Swamigal, popularly known as Kanchi Paramacharya.

Dr. S.I.Tulaev: A man has no temple or church and does not heed to any dogmas. But he always thinks good and does good throughout his life? Could you kindly tell me, Sir, whether such a man has any salvation at the end of his life?

Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Swamigal – Yes…. Don’t think that I am giving you this answer after seeing the modern standards of life. No.

This is said in our ancient scriptures themselves.

There are many aspirants.

The Agnostics, those who enquire into the nature of God and by using their own brain come to the conclusion that there is no God.

Secondly, Buddhists, or the Sunyavadins, who believe in non-existence.

Thirdly, Jains, who believe in suffering by putting their body to various austerities, vratas.

Fourthly, Saivites, Vaishnavites and others who believe in a personal God and spend their life in devotion.

Lastly, Advaitins who believe the entire world, the cosmic reality, is the apparent manifestation of one and the same ultimate reality.

All these aspirants are near the truth. The difference between them lies in their proximity to God. Step by Step these five aspirants are nearer the reality.

If one enquired into the nature of God by using one’s own mind, whatever be the conclusion arrived at, even if it is a total rejection of God, such an aspirant is far higher than the idler who never worries about the search after truth. This is not my saying but is said in our scriptures.