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Interactions of Energy

We hear of hunger of the soul, moral weakness and depravity, emotional dryness, intellectual hunger, mental turpitude, aesthetic impoverishment, failing memory, distracted or wicked senses, poor character, sadness, and depression. What is the nature of this poverty?

Adi Shankaracharya gives another definition of ‘food’; and Swami Vivekananda mentions it: ‘That which is gathered in is Ahara. The knowledge of the sensations, such as sound etc., is gathered in for the enjoyment of the enjoyer (self); the purification of the knowledge which gathers in the perception of the senses is the purifying of the food (Ahara).’

This second source of ‘food’ is essential for the development of one’s inner dimensions. One’s senses, mind, intellect, and ego interact with the faculties of other beings and things of the external world which are at a similar level of ‘vibration’. One fond of food will visit restaurants or raid the refrigerator. Intelligence develops in an intellectual atmosphere; those with a well-developed intelligence seek intellectual persons and challenges. Similarly, moral persons will seek and be comfortable with moral persons; spiritual persons will seek other spiritual persons and a spiritual atmosphere.

Since the personality is dynamic, people who are highly developed in one dimension may also be attracted to those developed in another: a moral person can interact with an intellectual or an emotional person; an emotional or aesthetic person may enjoy food, science fiction, prayers, or music; a spiritual person might take pleasure in mathematics or music. Such mutual interaction helps develop and culture the personality. Thus, matter (food) sustains matter (body), life sustains life, mind sustains mind, intellect sustains intellect, and happiness sustains happiness. We nourish and enrich each other.

Source – excerpts from article titled ‘Food for All’ published by Swami Satyamayananda in Prabuddha Bharata Magazine May 2008 Issue.