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Bihu 2023 – January Magh Bihu - Uruka and Bhogali Bihu in Assam

Bhogali Bihu, or Magh Bihu, is the harvest festival of Assam and is observed in the Assamese month of Magh (January). Magh Bihu 2023 date is January 15. ‘Bhogali’ means ‘feasting’ in Assamese and is a two-day festival and dedicated to Lord Agni, the Hindu fire god. Uruka is the first day of the Bhogali Bihu festival and it is on January 14, 2023. Uruka On the first day of the Bhogali Bihu festival, known as Uruka, young men construct ‘mejis’ or ‘bhelaghars’ with bamboo and wood pieces in farmland or open spaces. A community feast is held on the Uruka night, which includes fish delicacies. Magha Bihu or Bhogali The next day is the Makar Sankranti day, which is the Magh Bihu day, and the ‘meji’ is lit and a lavish feast is held. The ashes of the meiji are scattered on the farmlands to increase fertility. Magh Bihu is observed on the first day of the Magh month of Assamese calendar. On Magh Bihu day, people visit their relatives and share Assamese food like pit

Mauni Amavasya 2023 date – Importance in Hinduism – Mauni Amavasya Puja Vidhi - Mantra

Mauni Amavasya, or Mauna Amavasya, is the no moon day in the Magha month (January – February) as per the traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India . Mauni Amavasya 2023 date is January 21. It is also an important bathing date at during the annual Magh Mela, Magh Snan and during the Ardh (6) and 12 year Kumbh Mela. The word ‘mauna’ or ‘mauni’ means silence and several Hindus keep complete silence on the day. According to Hinduism, ‘Mauna’ (silence) is an essential part of spiritual discipline. Derived from the word muni, a Sanyasi or saint who practices silence, mauna ideally symbolizes a state of oneness with the Self. Mauna has also been described by Adi Shankaracharya as one of the three essential attributes of a Sanyasi. In modern day, it was Ramana Maharshi who popularized silence as a medium of spiritual instruction. For him silence was a state beyond speech and thought – it is living without the ego sense. On Mauni Amavasya day, large number of Hi

Alankara Kaustubha

Alankara Kaustubha is the title of several works written by as many as four authors. Out of the different Alankara Kaustubhas, that which is written by Venkatacharya, son of Annamacharya records six sabdatarupakaras (verbal figures) and one hundred and eight arthalankaras (figures of speech based on meaning), whereas the one written by Kalyana Subrahmanya, who adorned the court of Ramavarma, king of Travancore, has dealt with only arthalankaras. Another work written by Visveshwara, son of Lakshmidhara defines and illustrates sixty-one figures of speech. Paramananda Dasa Sena, more popularly known as Kavi Karnapura has also written a work called Alankara Kaustubha in which he has attempted to show his literary talent and knowledge in the field of poetics. He is said to have been born in 1524 CE. His work is divided into ten chapters. The definitions of different figures of speech have been given and unlike the previous writers in the field, Karnapura has composed verses to illustrate

Karutha Bhootham Theyyam – Story – Information

Karutha Bhootham Theyyam is a rare theyyam associated with ghosts and supernatural beings worshiped in few kavu tharavadu and temples during the annual kaliyattam thira festival in Kannur and Kasaragod districts of Kerala. As per information, Karutha Bhootham theyyam is a Shaiva Bhootham or Shiva Gana. Karutha Bhootham theyyam is that of the supernatural being causing havoc in a region by disturbing the peaceful life of people by harming them and their farm animals. To appease and for peaceful coexistence the bhootham is given an aaroodam or worship place. A theyyam is performed annually to keep it calm and content. Karutha Bhootham theyyam is offered prayers to achieve peace and prosperity. The being is worshiped for good health of children and also for desire fulfillment. Some tantrics propitiate Karutha Bhootham to defeat enemies. Karutha Bhootham theyyam is performed annually at Kunhimangalam Kuthirummal Mattummal Kalari Devasthanam temple (March 1 to March 4) in Kannur in region

C - Section Good Dates in October 2023 – Hindu Auspicious dates for cesarean delivery in Oct 2023

No Hindu panchang or calendar or astrologer prepares good dates for cesarean delivery. But you can choose date and that is not bad or inauspicious in a month. These are the auspicious dates for cesarean delivery in October 2023. October 1 good time till 8:30 PM October 3 good time after 6:07 PM October 4 good time till 6:40 AM October 7 October 8 October 15 good time after 10:28 AM October 16 good time till 7:30 PM October 17 good time after 8:35 PM October 18 good time till 1:19 PM October 22 good time after 9:03 AM October 23 October 24 October 25 good time after 12:35 PM October 31 good time till 9:49 AM Please note that the good date of birth of baby does not mean that everything will be auspicious. Horoscope etc is prepared after looking into numerous considerations.

Alarippu In Bharatanatyam

Alarippu is an item in Bharatanatyam. It is a pure dance item without reference to any story or emotion. Its rendering is highly symbolic and aesthetic. It is the first item of a Bharatanatyam performance. Alarippu is used as an invocatory item. The body and the hand gestures suggest salutations to God, guru and the audience. No lyrics accompany alarippu. The dance syllables are rendered by the nattuvanar or the guru (master). Every alarippu starts from tatkar, which is said to be the brahmavacaka. Thus by pronouncing ‘tat’, all the three, namely, the guru, the dancer and the audience should remember the Brahman. The different patterns, the hand gestures and movements of the eye and feet are designed to invoke the Supreme Being. It is believed that Brahma is at the center of the stage. Alarippu, which is derived from the word alar is an invocation to Brahma. Alar in Tamil means ‘to bloom’, ‘to open’ or ‘to blossom’. The context of the word alar may here be taken as the process of

Good Date to Buy Car in November 2023 – Auspicious Dates to Bike – Scooter – Other Vehicles as Per Hindu Astrology

Good and auspicious dates for buying car, bike, vehicles, are based on good rashi, nakshatra, tarabalam, karana, tithi, yog and other calculation in Hindu Astrology in November 2023. These are the good dates for paying first amount or advance money. The entire time on the days is good for the purpose until mentioned otherwise. We have prepared these dates after studying various Hindu panchangs and calendars. This is not a computer-generated list. Good Date to Buy Car in November 2023 November 3 November 10 November 11 November 20 November 24 November 25 November 29

Andal Neerattu Utsavam – A Festival Dedicated to Andal in Dhanurmasam at Tirupati Balaji Temple

Andal Neerattu Utsavam is a unique festival dedicated to Goddess Andal, or Goda Devi, in Dhanurmasam at the famous Tirupati Balaji Temple. The festival begins seven days before the Bhogi festival in Dhanurmasam. In 2024, Andal Neerattu Utsavam begins on January 7, 2024. On all days during the period (starting from January 7), Andal is performed special pujas in the morning at the Sri Govindarajaswami Temple. After the puja, Andal is taken out on a palanquin procession from Sri Govindarajaswami Temple. She moves through the mada streets and settles down at the Neeratta mandapam at Ramachandra Teertham. At the Neeratta Mandapam, Abhishekam, Nivedanam, Saattumora and Asthanam are conducted as per customs to Godadevi. She remains there till evening. Later the deity is being adorned with flowers and carried back in a palanquin to Sri Govindarajaswami temple. The Neerattu Utsavam is being performed for seven days. On the eighth day i.e. on the Bhogi day, Andal along with Lord K

Ghughuti or Kale Kauva – Makar Sankranti in Uttarakhand

The Makar Sankranti festival that is observed on January 15, 2024 in India is famous for a unique ritual in Uttarakhand. Makar Sankranti is known as Ghughutia, or Kale Kauva, here and it welcomes birds back from the winter migration. In fact Ghughuti itself is the name of a bird exclusive to Uttarakhand. Uttarayani, which marks the beginning of the northward journey of sun or Surya, is noted for the return of migratory birds to the hills of Uttarakhand. Makar Sankranti is also known as Kale Kauva means ‘black crow.’ People make Deep-fried sweets from sweetened flour (flour and gur) and shape them like drums, pomegranates, knives, swords and are strung into a necklace. On the morning of Ghughutia, or Kale Kauva, children wear the deep fried sweets as necklaces and sing a folk song associated with Kale Kauva to attract black crows and other birds and offer them pieces of the deep fried sweets. This is to welcome the birds back from their migration.

Dreaming Of Snakes In My Bed – Meaning

Dreaming of snakes in my bed is a warning sign and bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means an enemy has befriended you and you will soon be cheated or tricked. It also means not realizing that something bad is happening to you. Dreams of snakes in my bed and you are for some reason sleeping or totally unaware of it means you will be able to overcome a danger. It also means you need to stay calm and patient to solve a problem. Dream of snakes in my bed and they are changing color means you will not be able to realize that you are getting cheated as the person will be using various techniques to enamor you. It also means getting into the trap of opposite sex. Dreaming of snakes in my bed and they are not moving means you will subdue an enemy. It also means you getting an early warning sign about someone. Dreams of snakes in my bed and it is biting you means accident or problems in life due to poisonous animals.

Dreaming Of Dead People – Meaning

Dreaming of dead people is a negative sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means that your fears will come true soon. It is a kind of warning to set things right and to avoid all kinds of unwanted travels. Dreams of dead people and you know them means regret after the death of someone. Dreaming of dead people and you walking towards them means you will get into fights with people and this will result in your life getting destroyed. You should avoid confrontation and keep your anger in control. Dreaming of you walking away from dead people means you will witness an event or will face an event in which you will be helpless. It also means dead of someone you know but not really close to you. Dreaming of you sitting among dead people means you will have losses in life especially of people or things that you value. Dreaming of you among dead people means you will be helpless in a future situation. It means a big accident or natural calamity.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter IX – Verse 32 and Verse 33

For taking refuge in Me, O son of Pritha, they who might be of inferior birth — women, vaishyas as well as shudras — even they attain the supreme Goal. (Bhagavad Gita chapter IX verse 32). What need is there then to speak of the holy brahmins and the devoted royal sages. Having come into this transitory and joyless world, worship Me. (Bhagavad Gita chapter IX verse 33). Bhagavad Gita chapter IX verse 32 Explanation It is always the one command: ‘Take refuge in Me.’ Why? Because God is the only true Existence, the only Real part of the whole universe and every being. Truth, which is God, alone can save us, not falsehood, not appearance, not unreality. And Truth not only can, but is sure to save us, no matter who or what we are, as long as we take refuge in Him, who is Truth. Whether we are men or women, of high birth or low birth, matters not at all with God. It is not a question of birth or position, but of heart. Women and the two lower classes are especially mentioned by Sri Kr

Dreaming Of Sea Waves – Meaning

Dreaming of sea waves is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will soon face huge problems and they will be beyond your imagination. It is a warning sign and asking you to stay away from evil and illegal things. Dreams of sea waves and you are happy is a sign of giving up or enjoying rough things or participating in violent sports. Dream of sea waves and you are going towards it means suicidal tendencies. It also means relationship problems. The dream is asking you to keep your calm and wait for the problem to settle down. All sea waves will settle down soon. Dreaming of sea waves and you see other people means vacation or holidays and fun time. Dreams of sea waves and you are getting battered in it is you boldly facing problems. You can expect some damage in near future but you will survive it if you keep your calm and composure. Dream of sea waves and you wake up terrified means an old problem creating havoc in near future.

Dreaming Of Buying Chocolate – Meaning

Dreaming of buying chocolate is both positive and negative sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. In the dream if you are seen sad or irritated means you will face depression, stress and mental illness in near future. Dreams of buying chocolate and you are happy or seen with friends or well wishers means there will be success and something to celebrate. Dreaming buying liquid chocolate and it is spreading on hands and face means you will go into deep depression due to the activity of family members. It also means problems in romance. Your partner might break up with you. Dreaming of buying colorful chocolate means you will soon meet people in power or authority. It also means change of luck and flourishing of romance. Dreaming of buying chocolate that you have never seen before means you will get success in studies or professional matters. Dreaming of buying chocolate after a real incident or on television or talking about them during daytime have no meaning. To have a m

Dreaming Of Buying Cakes – Meaning

Dreaming of buying cakes is both good and bad sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. Dreams of buying cakes and you are happy means you will have a period of happiness and there will get together, party or picnic. It also means surprising someone on birthday or anniversary or success. Dream of buying cakes and you are tired or shabbily dressed means tension or unexpected problem and lack of sleep in near future. It also means forced to conduct a sudden party or program. Dream of buying cakes and you are not seen in the dream means your family will take advantage of your absence and do things that you have put restriction on. It also means others misusing your absence in workplace or factory. Dreaming of buying cakes and you are not getting them means sudden reversal of fortune. It also means people creating trouble in your life through their selfish actions. Dream of buying cakes and you see golden or silver color means change of luck and winning lottery etc.

21 January 2023 Tithi – Panchang – Hindu Calendar – Good Time – Nakshatra – Rashi

Tithi in Panchang – Hindu Calendar on Saturday, 21 January 2023 – It is Amavasya tithi or the no moon day in Hindu calendar and Panchang in most regions. It is Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi tithi or the fourteenth day during the waning or dark phase of moon till 5:08 AM on January 21. Then onward it is Amavasya tithi or the no moon day till 2:49 AM on January 22. Then onward (Time applicable in all north, south and eastern parts of India. All time based on India Standard Time.)  Good – Auspicious time on January 21, 2023 as per Hindu Calendar – There is no good and auspicious time on the entire day.  Nakshatra  – Purvashada or Pooradam nakshatra till 9:09 AM on January 21. Then onward it is Uttarashada or Uthradam nakshatra till 7:29 AM on January 22. (Time applicable in north, south and eastern parts of India).  In western parts of India (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, north Karnataka and south Rajasthan), Purvashada or Pooradam nakshatra till 9:40 AM on January 21. Then onward i