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Benefits of Sunderkand Path at Home – How to Read Sunderkand at Home?

Worship of Hanuman, who is present on earth during Kali Yuga, is an ideal choice to tide over any crisis and difficulties in life. The apt way to worship Hanuman is to conduct Sunderkand Path at home. Sunderkand reading at home and listening to it is seen as the best option to find relief to important problems in life. Here are the benefits of Sunderkand Path at home: along with a brief idea on how to read Sunderkand at home. Benefits of Sunderkand Path at Home  Reading or listening to Sunderkand is seen as an ideal option to remove all kinds of evil eye and witchcraft by many Hindus especially in rural India. If children are getting out of hand, they lack in discipline, always back answering and breaking things, getting unnecessarily angry or getting into bad friendships then read Sunderkand to them and there will be a positive change happening soon. Reading Sunderkand is a very good option to tide over financial crisis by getting better income or better job. If

Benefits of Laughing Buddha on Boat

Laughing Buddha is closely associated with Lord Kuber or Kubera in Hinduism. Many Hindus keep laughing Buddha in home to overcome various vastu doshas. One of the important images of laughing Buddha is of him on a boat. Here are the benefits of Laughing Buddha on boat. This particular form of laughing Buddha is associated with career and job. It is associated with wealth and prosperity. Keeping laughing Buddha with boat on office table or working table in home will help in achieve success in career. This will help in getting the desired job. It helps in achieving professional success. All difficulties in getting job and progress in career will be solved by having laughing Buddha with boat. The boat should be placed in such a way that it is coming inside.

We have forgotten to touch and hug family because our fingers are busy on the smartphone

We are constantly measuring our life based on likes and shares on social media. We want maximum shares and likes. Some even go to the extent of buying likes and shares. A person who truly knows his/her value and strength will not bother about applause. A weak person who has self-doubt is always anxious about what other people will think and is constantly concerned and bothered by the reaction of others. Anxiety and depression associated with missing out are on the rise. Many among us waste our precious time and energy on the smartphone. We cannot keep the smartphone away for more than a minute. This mental health condition needs immediate treatment.   If not treated it might cause serious damage to the person and others. There is no limit to our wishes but we will not be able to do everything that we wish.   We always live in the fear of not being able to fulfill our wishes. Instead of having too many wishes we need to learn to focus on a few and get them fulfilled. Medi