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Story of the Origin of name Dwarka – The Origin of Dwaraka in Hindu religion

In Hindu religion, Dwarka is the holy city associated with Bhagavan Sri Krishna. The origin of name Dwarka is associated with the Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple in Dwaraka and demon couple Daruka and Daruki. Daruka and Daruki lived in a dense forested area on the coast of Saurashtra in modern day Gujarat. As the demon ruled the area, it was known as Darukavana. There were several ashrams in the forest and Shiva used to give darshan to the sages here. Daruki was a great devotee of Mother Goddess Parvati. She propitiated Ma Parvati and got powerful boons. Daruki and Daruka disturbed the people of the region especially those sailed in the seas. The demon couple once captured a ship, which include Supriya an ardent Shiva devotee. To escape from the clutches of the demons, Supriya asked her fellow travelers to chant Shiva Panchakshari Mantra – Om Namah Shivaya. Shiva could not ignore the prayers of his favorite devotee and he came to her rescue. As Daruka and D

Ghosts of Family Members Appearing During Solitude – Story

Solitude has its own effect on the guilty and those with strained relationships: their mind starts working against them in solitude. The story goes that a dying woman told her husband that she would haunt him if he married or fell in love with someone after she was gone. A few months after she died, he did fall in love with a lady. That very night, he was terrified to see his wife’s ghost walk into his house and accuse him of infidelity. This went on for a week. He couldn’t take it any longer and consulted a learned guru. The guru asked him,‘How are you sure that it is her ghost?’ He replied, ‘She knows and describes to me everything I’ve said and done and thought and felt.’ The holy man gave him a bag of soya beans and said, ‘Make sure you don’t open it. When she appears before you tonight ask her how many beans are there in the bag.’ The man did not know what was in the bag. The man did as he was told. And the ghost fled for good. ‘Why?’ he asked the guru