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Showing posts from May 6, 2018

Walking out from the unnatural surroundings and embracing the whole

Meditation is a natural process. We humans have only added various postures. Knowingly or unknowingly, each human being meditates. May be the length and effectiveness varies for each person. Meditation is awareness of the wholeness. It is the realization that I am not a separate organism but part of the only organism. When you approach meditation as an exotic exercise with magical properties and cure, you are getting lost in a fake world of meditation created by yoga practitioners. Yoga practitioners and spiritual masters who claim they are adept in meditation fail to sell their meditation products and techniques to people who are close to nature. They find market in those places where people are far removed from their natural surroundings. To a person living in natural surroundings there is no need to sit in meditation. The person is constantly in touch with the whole. He does not need to uncover his true Self. His mind and body is always connected with the spirit.