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Importance of Teej Festival In Hinduism

Teej celebrates the union of the divine couple Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. In a year, there are three Teej festivals – Hariyali , Kajari and Hartalika Teej. In Nepal Teej is observed for three days starting Bhadrapad Shukla Paksha Tritiya. According to Hindu scriptures, on the third day after the new moon in the month of Shravan (July – August) Goddess Parvati united with Lord Shiva. The Teej festival is mainly celebrated in Rajasthan and in certain areas of North India . In Rajasthan, the festival heralds the arrival of long waited monsoon season and therefore it is also known as ‘Sawan Festival’ and ‘Hariyali Teej.’ Hartalika Teej is an important ritual in Nepal and it is observed for three days and ends with Rishi Panchami. Teej is mainly celebrated by the women and they pray for a happy and married life. Unmarried women pray for a good husband. Goddess Parvati and Shiva are worshipped during Teej festival. In some places, Lord Krishna and Radha are worshipped.

Story of King Dashrath Stopping Shani

There is a popular story in Tamil folklore, which narrate about King Dashrath, father of Bhagavan Sri Ram in Ramayana, stopping Shani from causing problems to living beings on earth. Once, King Dashrath learned from Sage Vasishta that Shani was about to move from Karthigai Star (Krittika or Karthika birth star) to Rohini birth star. This transition was to cause devastation and havoc on earth. There will be famine, earthquakes, flood and numerous other life-threatening problems. King Dashrath immediately boarded his chariot and arrived at Rohini Nakshatra. As he had fought for Devas (the demigods), King Dashrath had the boon to fly around the universe. He saw Shani approaching Rohini Nakshatra in his chariot driven by a crow.  King Dashrath forcibly stopped Shani from proceeding towards Rohini. The king was protected by the power of Dharma and therefore the looks of Shani (Shani Drishti) had no effect on him. King Dashrath requested Shani to not to harm the peopl

How to Perform Lalita Devi Puja? – Mantra – Stotra – Goddess Lalitha Devi Puja Vidhi

Goddess Lalitha Devi is one among the dasa Mahavidyas. Here is a brief account on how to perform Lalita Devi puja. Please note that the mantra and stotra given along with it can be chanted on all days during normal puja. This simple goddess Lalitha Devi puja vidhi (procedure) is for performing at home. Goddess Lalitha Mantra   ऐं   ह्रीं   श्रीं   ललितायै   नमः Aim Hreem Lalithaye Namah Story of Goddess Lalitha Devi Goddess Lalitha Devi is also known as half Shakti Sati. In the infamous Daksha Yajna, Sati committed self immolation as she was unable to hear the insults hurled on her husband (Shiva) by her father (Daksha Prajapati). Shiva took the body of Sati and roamed around the universe. This resulted in the imbalance of the universe. Vishnu cut the body of Sati into several pieces and the places on earth where the body of Sati fell came to be known as Shaktipeetah. The portion of the body that fell in the Naimaisharanya forest in Uttar Pradesh came to be known