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Life History of Bhakta Kanakadasa

Bhakta Kanakadasa (1508 AD to 1606 AD) is a mystic poet in the Haridasa tradition of Karnataka. The life history of this great leader of the Bhakti tradition is filled with adventures and miracles. He was also a revolutionary who led socio-religious movement against the caste system. But today he is famous for his Kirtanas, short songs, that unmask the hypocrisy in society. Birth He was born in the Dasa tribe at Kaginele in Dharward District, Karnataka. Kuruba community also claims him as their ancestor. Village Chief The popular belief is that he was the village chief of Bada and renounced worldly comforts because of losses in family and humiliation in battle. Education – Bhakti Vyasaraya, a contemporary of Purandaradasa, initiated him into neo-Vaishanavism. He was the greatest exponent of the Haridasa tradition in poetry and song, which characterized the medieval Kannada literature. He was a wandering mendicant and visited popular shrine of his period in Tirupa

How To Overcome Obstacles To Contemplative Life? – Swami Atmasthananda

The usual complaint is that it is very difficult to lead an inward life of contemplation amidst the rush and bustle of everyday life. But with earnestness and unshakable determination one is sure to succeed. Spiritual practice – japa, prayer and meditation – should play a very vital role in the lives of all. This is a sure way to peace despite all the hindrances that one has to face in daily life. Kanthimathi Nellaiappar Tirunelveli Sri Ramakrishna has said that a devotee should hold on to the feet of the Lord with the right hand and clear the obstacles of everyday life with the other. There are two primary obstacles to contemplative life. The first one is posed by personal internal weaknesses. One must have unswerving determination to surmount these. The second one consists of external problems. These we have to keep out, knowing them to be harmful impediments to our goal. – Swami Atmasthananda - was the 15th President of the Ramakrishna Mission