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Story – Hanuman Appearing in the Form of Parrot to Help Tulsidas

Tulsidas, the saint poet and author of Ramacharitamanas, had vision, or darshan, of Hanuman at Benaras (Kashi – Varanasi). Tulsidas only wanted one boon from Hanuman that was to have darshan of Bhagavan Sri Ram. To help Tulsidas have darshan of Bhagavan Sri Ram, Hanuman took the form of a parrot. You can read the story below:

Tulsidas was promised darshan of Bhagavan Sri Ram by Hanuman. To have the darshan, Hanuman asked the poet to visit Chitrakoot. However, when Bhagavan appeared before him, the great saint poet was unable to recognize him.

Story – Hanuman Appearing in the Form of Parrot to Help Tulsidas

During a fair at Chitrakoot, Acharya Tulsidasji was seated on the riverfront grinding sandalwood. He applied Tilak on the forehead of the devotees who came to the riverfront to worship and take holy dip.

Bhagavan Sri Ram approached Tulsidas in the form of a young boy. The poet applied tilak on the forehead of the boy but did not recognize it was Bhagavan.

The boy then takes some sandalwood paste and applies on the Tusidas’s forehead.

Hanuman who was witnessing this divine incident realized that the poet would miss his chance of meeting Bhagavan.

He then takes the form of a parrot, sits in a nearby tree, and chants a now-famous couplet.
On Chitrakut ghat, there is a great crowd of devotees. Tulsi grinds sandalwood; Raghuvir (Sri Ram) gives him a tilak.
Tulsidas now makes use of the opportunity and looks with unfathomable devotion into the eyes of Bhagavan Sri Ram. Soon, Bhagavan vanishes from the place.