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Ayilyam Ootu in Kerala Temples

Ayilyam Ootu is observed on the Ayilyam Nakshatra day (Aslesha Nakshatra) in a traditional Malayalam month in temples in Kerala. The puja is dedicated to Nagas or Snakes. Nagas are propitiated on the day for curing skin diseases and for childbirth in the family. It is also performed for removing various Naga Dosha. The ritual is also known as Valliya Ayilyam. The ritual is performed in all important Naga Temples and also in temples that have Nagas as important subsidiary deity. Ayilyam Ootu is gaining popularity these days as many people are suffering from infertility and they find relief after performing the ritual. 

Why Rest is Equally Important as Work? - 10 Thoughts on Rest

Resting is not laziness or idling away. It is recuperation. Rest is equally important as work because it recharges our energy. It is the way to refresh our life – make it fresh and bright. Few thoughts on the importance of rest: There should be enough sleep and rest during a day. It should not be less or more. Both overindulgence and deprivation are harmful. Night is for sleeping and day is for working. Rest is a gift after a great labor not for sloth. The hours of sleep needed varies from person to person. One needs to find out the exact time needed for recuperation. Going to bed early and getting up early should be the mantra. The best time to do important works, study, write…etc is early morning hours. Those who sleep daily for more than eight hours should attempt to reduce it. The easiest way is to reduce it by minutes. Wake up 5 minute early daily and soon you will be able to adjust the number of hours. During daytime, take small breaks as this will energize you. Drink