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Nature Of God - From Teachings Of Hindu Religion

Understanding the nature of god based on teachings from Hindu religion. Our understanding of God begins by thinking of him as a person or as multiple life forms or as a living organism capable of anything. He sits somewhere doing his job without a break. Many get to learn about this nature of God from parents, relatives, and teachers or through religion. This understanding of God remains with majority of people until they depart from the world. Some questions this form of God and turn atheist. Lucky few go deeper into the world of Vedanta and realize that this understanding of God is limited. The God that sits somewhere and fulfills our desires is the creation of our imagination. In this thought, God is male or female. God is like us humans. So as a philosopher once said, if horses were to create God then God would be like a horse. So how do you describe this God? Silence. It cannot be described. Some say it has the luster of 1000 suns. Some say it is smaller than the smalle