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Hidden Symbolism in the Image of Goddess Kali

The image of Goddess Kali is full of hidden symbolism.  Her dark colour represents the infinite. The name Kali refers to her colour, which is black, and represents the infinite. But it also refers to time. That itself gives us a clue to her function, because time, space, and causation are all processes of maya, the great illusion. Time, as we all know, truly is the all-destroyer. Nothing in this world can escape from destruction due to time. Her three eyes represent knowledge of the past, present, and future. Kali has four arms, representing the dualities of this world. Her two right arms represent the benign aspect. She bestows fearlessness and boons with those. While her two left arms, holding a sword and a severed head, and most of the rest of her, represent the terrible aspect. Here we have her function of causation — creating and destroying, as well as of the dual experience in this world. Everything comes from her and everything dissolves back into her. Her red to