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Hindu Festivals in May 2017 – Hindu Vrat – Fasting – Rituals in May 2017

Dates of important festivals and fasting associated with Hinduism in May 2017 – based on major Hindu calendars and Panchang used in India. The festivals, Vrats and ritual days are based on Indian Standard Time (IST). May 1, 2017 – Muruga Sashti Fasting May 2 – Ganga Saptami May 3 – Monthly Durga Ashtami Vrat – Budha Ashtami May 4 – Sita Navami May 6 – Ekadasi Fasting May 7 – Parashuram Dwadasi – Rukmini Dwadasi May 8 – Pradosh fasting – Som Pradosh as it is Monday May 9 – Narasimha Chaturdashi May 10 – Purnima or full moon day – Purnima Vrat
May 11 - Jyeshta month begins in North Indian calendars
May 11 - Narada Jayanti May 14 – Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat
May 15 – Malayalam Edava Masam begins May 15 – Tamil Vaikasi Masam begins May 16 – Jyeshta Month begins in Bengali Calendars May 18 – Kalashtami May 22 – Ekadasi Fasting May 22 – Bhadrakali Gyaras May 23 – Pradosh Vrat May 25 – Vat Savitri Vrat May 25 – Amavasya
May 26 - Jyeshta month begins in calendars followed in Maharashtra…

Simha Rashi Navratri Mantra

Chanting of the Simha Rashi Navratri Mantra helps, Simha Rashi born person to attain wealth, prosperity, property, job and desire fulfillments. The mantra should be chanted after taking bath in the morning. You should sit in your pooja room or in a quiet place and chant the mantra.
The mantra is मामीमूमेमोटाटीटूटे.........ॐह्रींश्रींसो:

Another mantra

ऊॅं शिवदूती नमः
The mantra should be chanted 21 times. You can chant anyone mantra.
Chanting of the mantra also helps in overcoming your enemies.

Problems arise due to the ignorance of our true nature

It is true we do not have the power to change the course of nature. However, a majority of our problems are not related to nature. They arise due to our ignorance of our true nature.

Contentment is having a heart, which is filled with non-duality.

The right way to enrich our life is by closing all those doors and windows through which we are seeking happiness outside.

Be genuine in all relationships. There will be no problems then.
If you think happiness is further and further away from you then you have not understood the true concept of happiness. Realize …Happiness is within you.

Matangi Jayanti - Matangi Mahavidya Jayanti

Goddess Matangi is one of the Dasa Mahavidyas. She is a manifestation of Goddess Parvati. Matangi Jayanti is believed to be the day when she made her appearance on earth. Matangi Jayanti 2019 date is May 7. It is observed on the Vaishakh Shukla Paksha Tritiya – third day during the waxing phase of moon in Vaishakh month as per traditional Hindu calendar in North India.

The skin color of Goddess Matangi is greenish blue. She is associated with Tantra Kriyas. She is associated with magic and Indrajal. She is the custodian of the complete knowledge of Tantra.  She is the goddess associated with all forms of sound, music and fine arts. She is also associated with Sidh Vidya.
With her sound, she controls all living beings and keeps a check on those who are inclined towards Adharma.
She is also associated with Vashikaran and Sammohan Vidya.
On earth, Goddess Matangi is the daughter of Matang Muni.
She is also known as Ucchishta Chandalini.
She has three eyes and four arms. She wears cres…

When you are feeling lonely

When you are feeling lonely, enjoy the moment by doing what you like the most.

When you are lonely, explore yourself. Stop thinking of what went wrong or regretting.

When you are lonely, it is an opportunity to put the house in order. (your emotions and yes your living space too)

When you are lonely, if you keep thinking about the past or the reasons for loneliness then soon you will become a victim of depression or might need psychiatric help. 
Everything in this world is temporary, even your loneliness.

If we can make Bhagavan our companion then we will never be lonely. God is the only companion who is always with us. God is within us. So instead of searching for a companion outside realize the who is always within us.

There is constant anger around us but we need not join
Know the Difference between Our Needs and Our Desires 

Hindu Temples Where Women are Denied Entry – Hope Such a List Do Not Exist in Near Future

Couple of Hindu Temples in India denies entry to women – this is mostly associated with the menstruation cycle of women and some due to superstition. It must be noted here that majority of the South Indian temples do not allow devotees inside the sanctum sanctorum – touching the murti is not allowed. This is applicable to all devotees irrespective of gender. But there are some temples that do not permit women even inside the temple premises and this article is about those temples. Below is the list and hope such a list never exists in near future.

Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple in Kerala Women between 10 and 50 years of age are not allowed to enter the temple complex. The reason sighted is that Lord Ayyappa is a Brahmachari or celibate. Another reason is that women cannot perform the 41 day Vratam - women between the age of 10 and 50 will not be physically capable of observing `vratham' for 41 days on physiological grounds (menstruation cycle).

The matter is presently under the consid…

Bhartrihari Caves near Ujjain

Bhartrihari caves, near Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh, are dedicated to Raja Bhatrihari, who renounced his throne and became one of the greatest philosophers and teachers of ancient India. The caves are located on the banks of Shipra River and are around 5 km from Ujjain Railway Station.

It is believed that after realizing the futility of worldly life, Raja Bhatrihari decided to give away his kingly status. He gave his crown to his younger brother, the legendary King Vikramaditya.

It is believed that Bhartrihari spend his ascetic life in these caves.
He wrote Shringarshataka, Vairagya shatak, and Nitishatakam in these caves. The walls of the natural caves are noted for its sculptures.

Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari Quotes

Man does not value what he has, but once he loses something, he goes all out to get it back.

How can you perceive what is real happiness unless you are ready to experience the opposite – that is pain and unhappiness.

Any gift that comes free is not valued in this world.
It is only on the blackboard of pain and suffering that you can write with the white, the story of true joy in life.
Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

Dhungri Mela 2019 in Himachal Pradesh at Hadimba Devi Temple

Dhungri Mela is annually observed during the Vrishabha Sankranti in the famous Hadimba Devi Temple in Himachal Pradesh. Dhungri Mela 2019 is from May 14 to May 16. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Hidimbi – wife of Bhima, the second of the Pandava brothers. The fair and festival is observed for three days.

The main mela begins at the Dhungri ground with the arrival of palanquin of Goddess Hidimbi from the Dhungri Temple and Manu Rishi from Manu Temple in Old Manali Village.

The palanquins of local deities also arrive at the ground to participate in the festival. Why is Dhungri Mela Observed? It celebrates the birthday of Goddess Hidimbi – she is the guardian deity of tribals and travelers. She protects those who venture into forests and travels through forests and mountains. Hidimbi is also the mother of Ghatothkach.

Dhungri Mela Rituals Pujas and worship of all the important deities of the region in a single place. Other deities honoring Hidimbi Devi. Animal sacrifices are performe…

Where to Place Hanuman Photo in Home?

Placing picture, or murti (idol or statue), of Hanuman in home is considered highly beneficial. But there is a confusion regarding position or placement of Hanuman photo in house. When it comes to question of where to place the statue of Bajrang Bali at home, remember the stories from Ramayana.
Hanuman is a Baal Brahmachari, or celibate, therefore his picture should not be placed in the bedroom or in a room that is used by couples for sleeping.

Taking intoxicating drinks and sex should be avoided in the room in which there is a portrait of Anjaneya.

The ideal place to keep the murti is puja room.

Hanuman should face south. All paintings of Anjaneya and those made from metal, plastic, clay, or wood having face of Bajrang Bali should face south. Why South Facing? When we read the Ramayana we find that the adventures of Hanuman in the epic happened in South like Lanka is in south, he went in search of Mata Sita towards south, He burned Lanka in south, and the battle of Ramayana took pla…

Jyeshta Nakshatra – Information – Importance of Jyeshta Birth Star

Jyeshta nakshatra is the eighteenth of the twenty-seven nakshatras or birth star in Hindu astrology. The nakshatram is also known as Kettai or Triketta or Ketri.

Longitude – 213°20 to 226°0

Shape – circular earring. Some imagine it to be in the form spear.

All four quadrants of Jyeshta Nakshatra are in Scorpio Zodiac or Vrishicka Rashi.

Presiding deity – Indra

Ruling planet – Mercury (Budha)

A person born in the star will be a leader. He/she will be blessed with many children. The person will also be humorous.

It is a daruna nakshatra or misery causing birth start and is avoided for auspicious functions like marriage, entering a new house, grah pravesh, to start learning, and other similar beginnings.

The birth star is considered ideal for performing black magic, for cheating, for use of poison and fire and for attacking enemies.

Jyeshta was the birth star of Vali of Ramayana, the Vanara king who was killed by Bhagavan Sri Ram to help Sugriva.

Indra was coroneted as the king of Devas o…

Mythology and Legend: Why is Akshaya Tritiya Celebrated?

Akshaya Tritiya is one of the most auspicious days in the Hindu calendar and is considered ideal for new beginning and investment. One of the most important legends associated with observing Akshaya Trithiya is that of Lord Krishna and Kuchela. Another significant mythology is that of the Pandavas receiving the Akshay Patra from Krishna. Interestingly, Lord Krishna plays and important part in the stories associated with Trittiya.

Kuchela (Sudama) Visited Krishna on Akshaya Tritiya

In the most famous story associated Akshaya Tritiya, Kuchela, a poor Brahmin and schoolmate of Sri Krishna, visited Krishna with the intention of asking some financial favor. Kuchela, also known as Sudama, carried with him handful of poha or aval (beaten rice). On reaching, the palace of Krishna at Dwarka, Kuchela was ashamed to give the ‘poha’ to Krishna.
But the ever playful Krishna noticed the small bag in the hand of his schoolmate and soon grabbed it and ate a handful of ‘poha’. Kuchela could not beli…

Simple Tantric Puja on Akshaya Tritiya to Get Blessings of Goddess Lakshmi

It is believed that those devotees who perform Tantric puja on Akshaya Tritiya will be blessed with wealth, peace and prosperity. Many devotees think that Tantric puja is complex but it is not. As per scriptures Akshaya Tritiya is known as the most auspicious day in a Hindu calendar –  अनंतअक्षयअक्षुण्णफलदायक Some simple tantric pujas as per scriptures to be performed on Akshaya Tritiya On the morning of Akshaya Tritiya, offer prayers to Lakshmi Narayan with yellow and white color flowers. If you do not have a picture of Vishnu and Lakshmi together, then you can create the image in the mind and make the offerings in thought. Mental worship with true devotion is more powerful than showy pujas.

Light Lamp in Northeast Corner In the evening, one should light lamp at the Ishan corner (northeast) in the house. The lamp should be lit using ghee and instead of the normal white color thread one should use a red color wick. Putting a pinch of kesar is also advised.

Yellow color cowry In the even…

For Success Eat These Food While Going Out of Home

There are numerous religious rituals performed by people before leaving home for job, exams, signing documents, participating in important events etc. Some communities believe that eating a particular kind of food before leaving home will assure success. It is also considered lucky.

Sunday – You can chew betel leaves. If you are not in the habit of chewing paan or betel leaves. Then you can carry it with you and while returning home offer it in a temple or under a tree.

Monday – You can eat kheer or any white color food before leaving the house. Carrying bilva leaves is also meritorious. Looking in the mirror before leaving is also auspicious.

Tuesday – You can eat jaggery (ghud or sharkara or Vellam) and leave the house. Another option is to carry durva leaves.

Wednesday – You can chew Dhaniya or Coriander. It is also auspicious to carry mango leaf with you.

Thursday – You can eat jeera or fennel and venture out. Keeping a few Tulsi leaves with you helps in reaching your goal.

Friday – Yo…

Swami Tejomayananda On Various Forms Of Worship

Worship of the Lord may be of a physical nature like puja, or serving the society as a service to the Lord. At the level of speech, one worships by singing the glories of the Lord. At the mental level, by thinking of His divine form, qualities and sports.

Repetition of the name of the Lord, either loudly, softly or mentally is called Japa. The chanting may be of various names or a single name of the Lord.
The above practices are meant to make the mind pure, subtle and concentrated and strong; as well as prepare the mind for meditation and should be practiced diligently.

If you do not have puja materials to do the worship, you can conceive them in your mind and in your thought; you offer it to the Lord.
Swami Tejomayananda

Spiritual ignorance is not related to one’s educational background – Swami Tejomayananda
Key to Success – Swami Tejomayananda 

Temples in Uttar Pradesh Visited by Ashwathama of Mahabharata

Several temples in Uttar Pradesh narrate tales of the spotting of Ashwathama of Mahabharata. Famous among them are a Kali Temple in Etawah, Baba Liloti Nath Mandir in Lakhimpur Kheri and Khereshwar Mandir near Kanpur.

Ashwathama, the son of Drona and a great warrior in the Mahabharata, is one among the seven Chiranjeevis (without death) mentioned in the Puranas – as a result of curse by Sri Krishna he still alive and roams on earth with a body full of oozing warts. If he is alive, then he will be more than 5000 years old.

Ashwathama at Kali Temple in Etawah It is believed that he visits a Kali Temple near Etawah in Uttar Pradesh daily to offer prayers. Located on the banks of Yamuna River, this Goddess Kali temple is around 5 km from Etawah. The people of the region believe that Ashwathama arrives here in an invisible form and offers first worship daily. The Shivling is always offered water before opening of the usual temple by some unknown force.
Mother Goddess Kali of this temple i…

Time to take bath as per Hindu Scriptures

The ideal time to take bath as per Hindu scriptures is during the morning hours – especially before sunrise. One should not take bath after taking food.

As per Hindu scriptures, one should first pour water on the head and then on the body. It is said that pouring water on the head and then on the body helps in removing heat present in the body through the legs.

Taking bath before sunrise is considered ideal. Mixing water with black sesame (til) and taking bath with it helps in alleviating bad luck. Taking bath in the early morning hours helps in keeping away bad luck, alakshmi and other evils.

Taking bath in room temperature water removes tiredness and tension. It helps in getting a pleasant mood.

Chanting mantras while taking bath is meritorious.

Different types Snan mentioned in Hindu Scriptures

Brahma Snan – Taking bath between 4:00 AM and 5:00 AM in the morning is referred as Brahma Snan. One should chant mantra like ‘om namah shivaya’ or ‘om namo narayana’ or other mantras while …

Watch Thrissur Pooram 2019 Live Online on May 13

There is no news about any official website on the internet providing live webcasting of Thrissur Pooram 2019. But most of television channels in Kerala will be telecasting live the Thrissur Pooram on May 13, 2019. So the best option is to look for the live streaming of television channels. Referred as the Mother of all Poorams, Thrissur Pooram is annually observed in the Malayalam month of Medam (April – May). Poorams are festivals held in Hindu temples in Kerala and the highlights being caparisoned elephants and Panchavadyam – a classical performance of five musical instruments (know more about Thrissur Pooram in this article).

You can watch pooram live here on the Youtube Channel

Television Channels Which might Show Pooram Live Online

You can watch Asianet News live here. This channel usually shows Thrissur Pooram live.
Another good option is to watch Mathurbhumi News Live it also telecasts the live proceeding of Pooram.

Another good option is Janam TV.

Newspapers with Thrissur Poor…

Significance of Akshaya Tritiya

Every moment is auspicious on the Akshaya Tritiya day, which falls on the third day of the bright half of Hindu month Vaishakh. ‘Akshaya’ in Sanskrit means ‘that which never diminishes.’ It is also the birthday of Parashurama, Lord Vishnu’s Sixth incarnation. In 2019, Akshaya Tritiya is on May 7. Today, Akshaya Tritiya has become the ‘Hindu gold rush’ day.
Astrologically, it is believed that the sun and the moon are most radiant and best placed on the Askhaya Tritiya day. Many devout Hindus choose the day to conduct auspicious functions. There is no need to select a ‘muhurat’ on this day as the entire day is devoid of malefic influences. Large number of marriages and several new beginnings take place on the day.
There are numerous legends associated with Akshaya Tritiya. According to the Puranas, the day marks the beginning to Treta Yuga. On this day, Veda Vyasa began the composition of the Mahabharata. Another myth is that Kuchela visited Lord Krishna on this day.
In the Mahabharata…

Story of Shukracharya and Demoness Kritya

To please Lord Shiva and learn the science of immortality, Shukracharya performed intense austerities. Shiva told Shukracharya that all that is born will perish one day. Guru Shukra was the Guru of demons or Asuras.

The Maharishi then demanded Shiva to teach him the Sanjivani Vidya, which can cure any diseases, wounds, and thus bring back a dead person to life.

Shiva, who is the lord of herbs and medicine, taught Shukracharya the Sanjivani Vidya.

Shukracharya then used the science to revive dead demons who were killed in battle with the demigods. Thus, Devas, or demigods, lost all battles against the demons. There was chaos in the universe. Adharma was propagated by the demons.

Lord Brahma then complained to Shiva about the cosmic imbalance.

Shiva promised to find a solution.

In the next battle between the Devas and Asuras, a strange looking creature appeared on the battlefield. It was the demoness Kritya. She sucked Shukracharya into her body.
Shukracharya remained in the stomach o…

King Janaka in Hindu Scriptures and Ramayana

King Janaka is a philosopher king mentioned in Hindu scriptures. He is the foster-father of Sita in the Ramayana. But all these Janaka are not the same. ‘Janak’ means ‘pitha’ or ‘father’ or ‘fatherly figure’ and those dutiful rules who won the heart of his subjects were called as Janak. Thus, Janaka is a term used in Hindu scriptures to refer to an ideal monarch – an ascetic king – rajarishi. King Janaka was liberated though he lived amongst passions. He had immense properties and wealth, position and power. He had everything, but he was calm. (Swami Satyananda Saraswati 1923 – 2009) As per Satapatha Brahmana, Janaka was the name assumed by the kings of Videha Kingdom.

King Janaka in Brhadaranyaka Upanishad Brhadaranyaka Upanishad mentions about a King Janaka performing a yajna involving gifts to find out the greatest philosopher in the land. He offered a thousand cows with ten pieces of gold tied to the horns of each cow and informed the assembly that the greatest philosopher among t…

Everyone wants to be appreciated and loved

It is a universal truth that everyone wants to be appreciated and loved.

Do not ignore the small daily happenings because happiness in life is built around them.

We all are searching for a hand to hold on to and a heart that understands.

There is always a debate on what is right or wrong. However, we can always be kind; there is no debate on this.

If you are afraid of failure, then you will never succeed. Failure is an important stepping stone to success.
The period of transition is the most difficult and painful period in life. We all have to go through it, if we need to change something for better.

Gita in Telugu – Download Bhagavad Gita in Telugu in Pdf format for free

Srimad Bhagavad Gita in Telugu in Pdf format for free is provided by Swami Shri Adgadanad Ji’s of Yatharth Geeta. This downloadable Telugu Bhagwad Gita is strictly for personal use. You can only download the eighteen chapters in Telugu as single book. There is no separate page download option

The Telugu Bhagavad Gita is in pdf format and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other pdf reader installed on your computer.
You can download the Bhagawad Gita in Telugu from this link – Telugu Bhagavad Gita.
If the above link is not working then you can download Telugu Gita from here.

To drop the ego all it takes is a genuine smile

Happiness and knowledge happens during the journey. Once we reach the destination, we just rest.

To drop the ego all it takes is a genuine smile.

Choose words wisely, because tomorrow we may have to eat them.

When we harbor bitterness and hatred, happiness moves farther away.

Silence, calmness and gentleness are the ways to tame a mind constantly swayed by ego.
Love is the medicine to cure all wounds caused by ego, anger, bitterness and hatred.

Shakuni Temple at Pavithreswaram in Kerala - Temple Dedicated to Shakuni of Mahabharat

Sakuni, or Shakuni Mama, the uncle of Kauravas, in the Mahabharata is one of the most hated characters in Hindu scriptures especially the Mahabharata. His name is associated with villainy and people talk about him scornfully and with disrespect. But Sanatana Dharma sees a person in terms of Gunas. It is true that Tamasic characteristics was dominant in Shakuni but he too had Sattvic elements and this was recognized by a community in Kerala and there is an ancient temple dedicated to Shakuni at Mayamkottu Malancharuvu Malanada Temple at Pavithreswaram near Kottarakkara.

Mayamkottu Malancharuvu Malanada Temple at Pavithreswaram

The most important exhibit in the temple is a throne ( a granite stone inside the temple) believed to have been used by Shakuni. There are no usual pujas and Tantric rituals at the temple. Offerings to the temple include tender coconut, silk, toddy etc. The temple is maintained by the Kurava community of the region.

The temple does not have a proper temple struct…

Sen Jayanti – Sen Samaj

Sen Jayanti is associated with the Sen Samaj and is observed on the 12th day of the Krishna Paksha of Vaishakh month (12th day during the waning phase of moon). Sen Jayanti 2019 date is May 1. It is believed that Guru Sen Bhagat (Sri Sant Shiromani bhakt Senaji Maharaj) appeared on the day.

Special programs are organized on the day by the Sen Samaj – which includes helping the poor, satsang etc.

Processions, prayer meetings, food donation are also part of the Jayanti celebrations. Protection of cow and nature is another important activity on the day.

Sen Bhagat was an inspirational leader and Guru who helped the community in attaining the much needed unity and progress. He created an environment in which the community could find their own inspiration and self respect.

He interacted with all the people without showing any fear or favor. All were equal for him. His sole aim was to enhance the growth and development of the Sen Samaj. He taught the lessons of truth and trustworthiness.

Our own ego thinks that we are always right – Swami Chidanand Saraswati

Our own ego thinks that we are always right, that everyone around us should do things that way we say.

We always fight over little things. Everything is an argument. This is a matter of ego.

We tend to spend so much time arguing or holding grudges that we forget to love each other. We forget to be thankful for what God has given us.
We have been given a finite amount of vital energy in our bodies, a finite number of hours each day, and a finite number of days in our lives. Why should we waste so much energy and time engaged in the battle of will?
– Swami Chidanand Saraswati

One immersed in love of Lord is above worldly worries and allurements – Sant Kabir

Jagran in Hinduism – Religious Importance of Staying Awake at Night

Jagran is a Sanskrit term used to refer to staying awake at night during certain nights in a month or year in Hinduism. This keeping of vigil at night is associated with important monthly vrats like Ekadasi and yearly festivals like Mahashivratri. Jagaran is also observed as part of certain vrats only followed in certain regions and by certain communities. Religious importance of it is mainly associated with Ekadasi fasting dedicated to Lord Vishnu.
Jagran on Ekadasi It believed that those who observe Ekadasi fasting dedicated to Lord Vishnu should keep vigil at night and meditate on Lord Vishnu. Ekadasi is observed on the 11th day of a fortnight as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar.

As per the legend associated with Ekadasi fasting, demon Mura attempted to harm Vishnu at night and suddenly a young girl appeared from the body of Bhagavan Vishnu and she annihilated the demon. Vishnu called her Ekadasi. Jagaran on ekadasi night is based on this incident.

While performing Jagran, a …

Swami Venkatesananda on the Perfected Ones

The perfected ones have abandoned the illusion of duality of the observer and the object, and the consequent movement of thought. Their gaze is fixed and unwinking.

Though these sages are active in this world, they do not entertain the least notion of illusory existence.

They are firmly rooted in the abandonment of the relationship between the knower and the known.
Their consciousness is absolutely pure, purified of all images, concepts and notions.
Swami Venkatesananda

Bronze Sculptures in Indus Valley Civilization

History of bronze sculpture in India is traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization (2500 BC – 1700 BC). Hindus should be aware of this because it is a matter of pride that our ancestors had such great knowledge. A dancing girl, buffalo and miniature dog are the earliest specimens of Indian Bronzes. They were discovered during the excavations conducted at the archaeological site of Mohenjodaro – the most important Indus Valley site along with Harappa and Lothal.

The bronze sculptures of Indus Valley Civilization were produced by the lost-wax (cire perdue) process. They were created in small open kilns.

Furnaces, crucibles and moulds were unearthed by archeologists at Mohenjodaro and Lothal.

The Dancing Girl A nude female statuette from Mohenjodaro called the dancing girl is a classic example of the bronze sculptures produced in ancient India using the lost-wax method. The statue is that of a dancer and has an air of vibrant liveliness.

It is 11 cm high, and stands with her left leg…

A discerning intellect should properly educate the mind – A Parthasarathy

Enough is never enough. In the chase for acquiring material wealth one could cause harm to onself.

Thus there is a need for a strong intellect to guide the mind and not frustrate, strangle it.

A discerning intellect should properly educate the mind.

Desire-ridden pursuits for wealth lead one nowhere.
Mind can never find the satiation, contentment that it seeks in the material pursuit in the world.
– A Parthasarathy 

Dakshineshwara – About the Dakshineshvara Form of Shiva

Shiva as Dakshineshwara is the teacher of yoga, music, all arts and sciences and holds the key to the knowledge of spiritual truths. As Dakshineshvara, Lord Shiva is portrayed as the omniscient young master conveying supreme knowledge, with his right hand raised in the gesture of teaching in silence.
The name means ‘the south facing’ and is the ultimate Guru.

Chitram Vatataror mooley Vriddhah shishyaah gurur yuva Gurostu maunam vyaakhyanam Shishyaastu china Samshaya
Beneath the banyan tree they sit the disciples old men, the Guru a mere youth! The Guru speaks through silence alone. But lo! The questions of disciples dissolver on their own! (Dakshinamurti Stotram by Shankaracharya)

He teaches the reality of the Brahma through silence. He is the first manifestation of Lord Shiva in the Pashupata line.
Mouna (silence) is the best and the most potent diksha. That was practiced by Sri Dakshinamurti. Initiation by touch, look, etc., are all of a lower order. Silent initiation changes the hearts…

Contentment is having a heart so full of God’s love – Brahma Kumaris

Contentment is having a heart so full of God’s love, that nothing can penetrate it – not scenes or events nor other people’s behavior.

As you sow, so shall you reap. The time to sow seeds of good karmas is now.

We do what we think is right. What we think is right is often wrong.

Whatever happens, happens for a reason. You may not know the reason, but it is always there.
I am never alone. God is always with me.
– Brahma Kumaris

It is important that we engage with our values at every moment of our lives. By doing so, we integrate our inner spiritual life with outer actions. This enables our core human values to bring about a lasting transformation in society. (read more on the thought from Brahma Kumaris)...

The Sanskrit word Shiva, according to some scholars, is the confluence of two phonetic part, Shi and Va, meaning redeemer and liberator from sins and sufferings. (On Shiva and Shivling by Brahma Kumaris)

Amarnath Yatra Importance - Why Do Hindus Perform Amarnath Yatra?

The annual Amarnath Yatra to the renowned cave shrine in Jammu and Kashmir attracts thousands of people. The yatra is one of the important pilgrimage for many Hindus and is of great spiritual importance. Hindus perform the Amarnath yatra to offer prayers and have darshan of the naturally formed ice shivling. The natural ‘ice lingam’ is formed by the ice droplets from the rooftop of the vast cave.

Shiva in the Amarnath Cave is popularly known as Baba Barfani.
 Why Do Hindus Perform Amarnath Yatra?To have darshan of the naturally formed ice Shivling.Shiva revealed the secret of immortality (Amar) to Goddess Parvati in the cave.As per Hindu scriptures darshan of Amarnath is equal to ten times the darshan at Kashi; 100 times of that of Prayag and 1000 times that of visiting Naimisharnya.Apart from the naturally formed Ice Shivling, there is also a naturally formed Ganesh Peetah and Parvati Peetah in the cave. When is it observed? Amarnath Yatra begins on the Jyeshta Purnima day (June) …

Only Formula to Happiness Is To Be Content

When we are able to reduce the gap between reality and our expectations life becomes happy and easy. Trouble begins when there is a huge gap. Things go out of hand and we will not be able to control our lives. Balance of mind brings about real lasting happiness to a disciplined man. It is not a commodity which can be purchased from the market. (Swami Sivananda) To be satisfied with what we have is the best possible way to be happy. It is a simple idea and therefore not easy to practice. We all have our expectations and we need to do something about it. If we are on the first floor and our expectation is on the 11th floor there is a huge gap and this can cause disappointment and rage. Some might think of taking the lift – short cut – and this will only complicate the matter more. But along with lift there are also steps. Make use of the steps. Enjoy each step; be satisfied with small gains and one fine day you will be on the 11th floor. You will be even more satisfied with your achiev…

Neither creation nor destruction is in itself real

The very fact that you are seeking knowledge shows that you are ignorant. Those who do not seek knowledge, they are always wise. Ignorance is wise.

We have forgotten our true nature and therefore, we are in search of it now. In ignorance all these goes on.

Neither creation nor destruction is in itself real from the standpoint of the Advaitin.

To the dreamer, dream is a beginningless experience. When you wake up, then you realise that you were dreaming. Within ignorance there is no beginning. It is called beginningless ignorance, anadi maya. Gaudapada has used that word in the first book.

When the jiva, asleep from the beginning of time, wakes up from that sleep, then he realizes that he was never like this. Not that at this time I am free, even then you were free, but you were asleep at that time. It is beginningless ignorance, but endful.
Ignorance can be beginningless but you can put an end to it, as soon as knowledge comes. A room is dark from the beginning of time. Light a matc…

Sadhana – Liberal Voice – Social Justice and Social Action

I am pleased to post the following interview with a website associated with Hindu Religion – Sadhana. This New York based organization is working since 2011 in building a progressive Hindu moment. Sadhana is a mechanism and a platform for progressive Hindus to speak up and act for progressive social values and social justice.

Hindu Blog – Hinduism is a living religion. So what do you mean when you say you are attempting to build a progressive Hindu religion? Sadhana – We feel that many Hindus may be doing work for social justice -- helping the poor, and those that are discriminated against, protecting the environment, etc -- but do so quietly. Many Hindus stand opposed to discrimination based on race, religion, caste, gender, sexual orientation, but don't speak up as Hindus. Sadhana is building a platform of progressive Hinduism so that others can join us. We think it is critical that those of us for whom our Hindu faith is centered in pluralism must speak up. Not doing so is tanta…

Mahur in Maharashtra – Birth Place of Renuka Devi and Dattatreya

Mahur Renuka Devi is the patron deity of many families in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra. It is believed that Devi Anasuya gave birth to Bhagavan Dattatreya at Mahur. It is also associated with the divine incident of Renuka and Parashuram. Mahur village is located around 40 km northwest of Kinwat town in Nanded District.

Mahur Renuka Mata Mandir  
One has to travel around 7 km from Mahur Village to reach the temple, which is located atop a mountain. Surrounded by forests (with sighting of wild animals), the shrine has a history of more than 800 years. The temple was established by a Yadav king.
Goddess Renuka is the mother of Lord Parashuram, the manifestation of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that she was born at Mahur also known as Mahurgad. Another legend has it that when Parashuram decapitated her head, it fell here and he got it restored also here. The place is known as Matripur or Matapur in Devi Bhagavatam.

Mother Goddess is worshipped here in the form of a large Swayambhu Mu…