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Dakshineshwar – About the Dakshineshwar Form of Shiva

Shiva as Dakshineshwar is the teacher of yoga, music, all arts and sciences and holds the key to the knowledge of spiritual truths. As Dakshineshwar, Lord Shiva is portrayed as the omniscient young master conveying supreme knowledge, with his right hand raised in the gesture of teaching in silence. The name means ‘the south facing’ and is the ultimate Guru. Chitram Vatataror mooley Vriddhah shishyaah gurur yuva Gurostu maunam vyaakhyanam Shishyaastu china Samshaya Beneath the banyan tree they sit the disciples old men, the Guru a mere youth! The Guru speaks through silence alone. But lo! The questions of disciples dissolver on their own! (Dakshinamurti Stotram by Shankaracharya) He teaches the reality of the Brahma through silence. He is the first manifestation of Lord Shiva in the Pashupata line. Mouna (silence) is the best and the most potent diksha. That was practiced by Sri Dakshinamurti. Initiation by touch, look, etc., are all of a lower order. Silent in