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Vadvanal Stotra Benefits – Download Hanuman Vadvanal Stotra in pdf

Hanuman Vadvanal Stotra is a powerful mantra to propitiate and have darshan of Lord Hanuman. It should only used when you are in big troubles. You can download the Hanuman Vadvanal Stotra in pdf and read about benefits below. It is believed that the biggest of biggest troubles are alleviated after chanting the mantra. It helps in destroying all forms of problems and ushers in peace and prosperity. All the activities of enemies become unsuccessful after chanting of the Vadvanal stotra. The mantra should be chanted on Saturday morning after offering prayers to Hanuman. It should be chanted for 41 days or 108 times. You can download the Vadvanal Stotra here in pdf.

Utensils used in Hindu Rituals – Tools in Vedic Literature

Vedic literature talks about various utensils used during the period. Most of these tools have been classified and can be found in the Taittiriya Samhita of the Yajur Veda. The utensils used in Hindu rituals of that period were known as Yajnayudhas – literal translation means the implements used in Yajna. The Samhita classifies the Yajnayudhas into implements, furniture, tools, vessels and utensils. Following are the Vessels and Utensils Mentioned in Taittiriya Samhita of the Yajur Veda Drona Kalasha Sphya – wooden knife – made of khadira wood (acacia catechu) – it is used for cutting darbha grass and for demarcating where rituals are to be performed. The wooden knife was also used for stirring boiled oblations. Kapala – Earthern platters – to make preparation using rice and wheat flour. Such baked or cooked items were stored in special containers known as ida. Sruk and Sruvas - Ladle – To Pour Oblation into Fire a large ladle made of Flacourta sapida wood. Wi