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How Lakshmana Killed Indrajit in the Ramayana?

Indrajit was the son of demon king Ravana. He had defeated Indra and had in his possession numerous divine arrows. Apart from this, he also could use magical powers in the battlefield. He also had the power to become invisible. It was nearly impossible to kill Indrajit. So how did Lakshmana kill Indrajith in the Ramayana? Indrajit was a powerful warrior as he defeated Sri Ram and Lakshman. He was able to capture both the brothers using the divine weapon Nagapasha. But Garuda appeared on the scene and rescued the brothers. Lakshman was mortally wounded by Indrajit. He had used his magical powers and disappeared into the sky and use the arrow ‘Shakti’ against Lakshman. Hanuman bought the magical herb ‘Sanjivani’ to rescue Lakshman. Indrajith was nearly invincible in the battlefield. Ravana had put all his hopes on his son to defeat Rama’s army. Indrajit hid behind the clouds and showered arrows on Rama’s army. Many soldiers were hurt and it caused serious damage to the m

Sitabani Temple inside Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand - Sitavani Temple

Sita Bani Temple is located inside Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand. The legend associated with the temple began in the Treta Yuga, when Lord Rama banished Mata Sita to the forest. She took refuge in the ashram of Sage Valmiki. The temple is also known as Sitavani or Sitabani or Sitawani It is believed that Sita Bani Temple is located at the spot where Sita lived in the forest along with Luv and Kush. Legend also has it that Mata Sita entered into lap of Mother Nature at the Sita Bani Temple. To reach Sita Bani or Vani Temple, one has to travel around 20 kilometers from Ramnagar. After this, one has to descend around 20 steps to reach the temple area. The temple is a small structure. One can see a murti of Mata Sita with Luv and Kush sitting on her lap. There is a beautiful Shivling near the sanctum of Mata Sita. Lord Ganesha is also worshipped in the sanctum. There is a small pond in the vicinity with water that tastes sweet. The other murtis found in th

Sri Ramakrishna – Story on Renunciation

Talking about intense renunciation, Sri Ramakrishna tells Mahimacharan this story: ‘A certain woman said to her husband: “So-and-so has developed a spirit of great dispassion for the world, but I don’t see anything of that sort in you. He has sixteen wives. He is giving them up one by one.” The husband, with a towel on his shoulder, was going to the lake for his bath. He said to his wife: “You are crazy! He won’t be able to give up the world. It is never possible to renounce bit by bit. I can renounce. Look! Here I go.” He didn’t stop even to settle his household affairs. He left his home just as he was, the towel on his shoulder, and went away. That is intense renunciation!’ Some thoughts on Renunciation from Ramakrishna Mission Publications: Renunciation can be achieved through duty quite as well as by the abandonment of duty. We have thousands of texts to tell us so, but the prevailing preconception in favour of Sannyas has led to our ignoring all that favours