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Shani Pradosh – Pradosha Vrata on Saturday

Shani Pradosh, or Sani Pradosha Vrata, is when Pradosh day dedicated to Lord Shiva falls on Saturday or Shanivar. In Hinduism, Saturday is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shani or Shaneeshwara – one among the Navagrahas. For those believing in Hindu astrology and horoscope, Lord Shani can create problems in life. It is believed that fasting and praying on Pradosh day will help in keeping removing the effects of Shani.

It is considered highly meritorious to observe puja in a Shiva Temple or Hanuman Temple or Bhairav Temple on Shani Pradosh day.

It is also believed that observing Shani Pradosh will help in getting intelligent and healthy children.

Pradosh, or Pradosham, falls on the 13th day in a traditional Hindu lunar calendar. It is believed that Lord Shiva and Parvati are in playful mood during this period and therefore they will readily fulfill the wishes of the devotees.

There is also a popular belief that people under the bad influence of Lord Shani can escape it by praying to…

Entire creation is an extension of ourselves

We are knowingly or unknowingly in the prison of material desires. The key of escape from this prison is within us. That key opens the door of spiritual liberation.

A spiritual seeker must have both inquisitiveness and an openness of mind to accept the truth.

Constant observation and restraint are two methods to bring the mind under control.

A state of existence above and beyond the limits of material experience is possible only through analysis.

Entire creation is an extension of ourselves.
Truth does not change because of our faith or lack of it.