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Pictures of 21 Leaves used during Ganesh Chaturthi Puja

For Ganesh Chaturthi Puja 21 leaves are used. The leaves are also known as Ganesh Patris. Below are the pictures of 21 leaves used during Vinayaka Chaturthi. Traditionally leaves of 108 different types of plants are offered. But today most people confine the offering to Dhurva grass and Bilva leaves. In some regions, certain wild leaves are worshipped instead of Ganesh murti. In most community pujas, 21 different types of leaves are offered.

Tulsi leaves are only used during Ganesh Chaturthi puja. It is not used during other Ganesh pujas.
Nirguda Kimva or Neem is used. Both are not used together.
Similarly, Kevada or Dorali is used. Both are not used together. Dorali is also known as Ranvange.
Not all 21 leaves are offered in pujas performed in homes.
Mango leaves are also widely used for decorating the puja area.

Sama Vedi Upakarma 2017 date – Sama Vedic Upa Karma 2017

Sama Vedi Upakarma, or Sama Vedic Upa Karma, is the sacred thread changing ceremony observed by the Brahmin community that follows the Sama Veda – one of the four Vedas. In 2017 date of Sama Upakarma is August 25 - this is as per Srirangam Panchagam. It is observed on the day after Shravan Amavasi. The Upa Karma prayogam of Sama Vedi Brahmins is long and different from the Upakarma Prayoga of Rig and Yajur Vedis.

The sacred thread worn by Sama Vedi Brahmins known as ‘Yagnopavitam’ is changed on this day. The sacred thread Yagnopavitam is known as Poonol in Malayalam, Jandhyamu in Telugu and Janivaara in Kannada.

The ritual is also known by the name of Upanayanam or Upanayana. The followers of Yajur Veda perform it on Shravan Purnima day and it is known as Avani Avittam.

The Upakarma ritual is usually performed by a group of Brahmins in a temple or by the side of a river or sacred pond (Tirth). Today, people also perform the ritual at home

This ritual is not observed by most North …

Those who act to satisfy society will never reach their destination

True courage is facing our fears and overcoming it.

Develop perseverance because only those people who have this quality taste success.

Only we can determine our destiny.

Those who act to satisfy society will never reach their destination.

We should always know where we are going. But the tragedy of this age is that we are blindly following someone else.

Understanding and accepting our weaknesses and turning them into strengths is the quality of a winner.
If we sit idle on our success we will rust and rot; we must strive for constant improvement.