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Someshwar Puja in Shravan Month

Someshwar Puja is observed during the Shukla Paksha of Shravan month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in North India. Someshwar form of Shiva is worshipped during the puja. Information regarding this puja is found in the Narad Puran. Some devotees observe a vrat on the occasion. The puja and vrat is associated with Shiva rescuing moon (Chandra or som) and giving refuge to him in his matted locks. Those observing the vrat wake up early morning, take bath, and perform puja to Shiva by making clay Shivling. Only vegetarian food is eaten on the day. White colored Prasad is prepared and offered in the evening. The fast is observed for three months on all Mondays during Shukla paksha or waxing phase of moon. It is believed that on successful completion of the vrat, a devotee will be blessed with knowledge, health and wealth.

Pancha Kanchukas

Pancha Kanchukas are the five outer coverings or sheaths of consciousness in Kashmir Shaiva Philosophy. The five Kanchukas are: Kala Vidya Raga Kaala and Niyati. The background on which the pancha kanchukas remain steadily abiding is maya, the deluding aspect of Shiva, who is pure consciousness in essence. When maya is counted under the Kanchukas, the number becomes six – Sat Kanchukas.

A Prayer to Who is One Eternal Pure and Changeless

I prostrate myself before that Sat Guru, the Brahman Who is Bliss; Who is giver of Supreme Happiness; Who is the Absolute; Who is the form of Knowledge; Who is beyond the Pairs of Opposites; Who is vast like Ether; Who is attainable through assertions like “Tat Tvam Asi,” Who is One, Eternal, Pure and Changeless; Who is the witness of all the states of the Mind, Who transcends Modifications; Who is devoid of the three modes of Prakriti