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Goddess Hingula – Information about Goddess Hingula

Goddess Hingula is a form of Mother Goddess Shakti. She is associated with cooking and is known as Hinglaj Mata, Goddess Hingulei or Hingulaksi. Information about Goddess Hingula is found in the SaralaMahabharata. As per Puranas, Goddess Hingula appeared in that spot where a part of the head of Goddess Sati fell after her body was split into 51 pieces by Vishnu. Shiva was roaming in the universe with the body of Goddess Sati and this was causing havoc in the universe. Vishnu split the body to rescue the universe.

As per Sarala Mahabharata, one can achieve his/her desired object if he/she worships or mediates on Goddess Hingula. It is also believed that food cooked become delicious through the blessings of the Goddess.

King Nala was blessed by Goddess Hingula and that is the reason why he was able to cook such delicious food.

Goddess Hingula is worshipped in the form of fire and she is linked with the Agni Kona or southeast direction. Although murtis of the Goddess are found in the sh…

Panch Akasha – Five Spaces in Yogic Practice

Panch Akasha are five spaces inside body in yogic practice. Akasha or Shunya means space, vaccum or sky and panch means five. These five spaces are

Shunya Akasha Ativa Shunya or Ati Shunya Maha Shunya Shunyati Shunya and Antah Shunya
As per Hathayogapradipika,

Shunya Akasha is inside the heart lotus (Anahata Chakra);
Atishnuya is the akasha inside the throat lotus. Mahashunhya is the akasha inside the lotus between the ajna chakra (eyebrows)
Information about Shunyati Shunya and Antah Shunya is found in the Satchakranirupana of Paramananda. It is said that meditation on Antah Shunya brings about mukti or liberation.

Optimism is the light of God – Sri Mata Amritanandamayi

If you want your suffering to end, pray that your desires are eliminated. Also pray that your faith and lover for God grow. If you can do this, then the Divine will fulfill all your needs.

Some people say, ‘God is just a belief’, but in truth, Divinity is within the heart of each one of us. God has no separate hands, legs, eyes, or body other than our own. The cosmic Power inside each one of us is God.

Have faith in your own Self. Try to understand who you are, your true Self. That is sufficient. If you do not have faith in your Self, it is difficult to advance even if you believe in God.

Always remember that when dusk arrives, it is already carrying dawn in its womb. Darkness cannot remain for long. In due time, dawn will surely break out and shine. Optimism is the light of God. It is a form of grace, which allows you to look at life with greater clarity.
– Sri Mata Amritanandamayi