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Parijata Tree – The Story of How the tree of Heaven Reached Earth

As per Hindu Tradition, Parijata Tree appeared during the Samudra Manthan or Churning of Ocean. The tree was carried to heaven by Indra. It was Sri Krishna who brought the tree from heaven to earth.

There are a couple of popular legends associated with Parijata was brought to earth. The most famous and widely accepted story is that of Sri Krishna bringing it to earth.
After defeating Narakasura, Sri Krishna and his wife, Sathyabhama, went to heaven to return umbrella and earrings of Aditi, the mother of Indra. Narakasura had forcefully taken them away.
While returning, Sathyabhama asked Sri Krishna for a Parijata Tree to be planted in her garden. Sri Krishna immediately uprooted a Parijata Tree and carried it to Dwarka.
The act of uprooting the divine tree angered Indra. Blinded by anger and ego, Indra stopped Sri Krishna. A war ensued and the foolish Devas and their King Indra was easily overpowered by Sri Krishna.
When Parijata Tree was brought to Dwarka, Rukmini, another wife of S…

Bhimgoda, Haridwar – Holy Kund – Tank

Bhimgoda is a sacred tank at Haridwar. Thousands of devotees take a holy dip in this kund. Bhimgoda is named after Bhima, the second of the Pandava brothers. It is located around 300 m from Hari Ki Pauri. A temple located in front of Bhimgoda has murtis of 24 incarnations of Hindu God Vishnu. Origin of Bhimgoda Legend has it that Pandavas were on their way to Himalayas and when they reached the spot they felt thirsty. It is said that Bhima thrust his knee and a kund or pond was formed. Water from River Ganga flows into the tank.
Bhimgoda is located below a mountain and there a few murtis located here.
The spot is chiefly popular with devotees for taking holy dip.

Story of Mohini Avatar of Vishnu and Virochana

Virochana was the son of Prahalada, ardent devotee of Vishnu and Narasimha Avatar appeared to save him. The Story of Virochana teaches us how lust overpowers man and destroys him. Vishnu in Mohini Avatar teaches this important lesson. Legend has it that Virochana attained the title of Shriman and he became more powerful and illustrious than Indra, the king of Devas. He became Shriman as he was blessed by Surya, who gave him a crown on which Goddess Lakshmi resided.

Shriman is one with whom Goddess Lakshmi resides.
Virochana was an Asura (demon). With the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and with the help of the Sanjivani Vidya (that mantra which had the power to bring back the dead), Virochana overpowered Indra and other Devas.
Indra then sought the help of Vishnu.
Vishnu then took the form of Mohini, the enchantress. Virochana who came to know about the beauty of Mohini was desperate to see her.
Virochana was mesmerized by the beauty of Mohini. He lost all his control and was overpowere…

Tek Chand Maharaj Jayanti – Birth Anniversary of Tekchand ji Maharaj

Tek Chand Maharaj Jayanti is observed in Vaishakh month. It is the birth anniversary of Tekchandji Maharaj – the divine guru of Damodar Vanmshiya Kshatriya Gujrati Darji samaj. Tek Chand Maharaj Jayanti 2018 date is April 30.

His followers organize various spiritual programs and prayer meeting on the day. Thousands of devotees participate in the various program held across North India.
Tek Chand Maharaj Jayanti is annually observed on Vaishakh Purnima Tithi or the full moon day in Vaishakh month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Madhya Pradesh.

To achieve liberation or moksha we need to think

To achieve liberation, or moksha, we need to think and have independent viewpoints. If we blindly follow, we will never achieve our goal.

Thinking comes with responsibility because we have to make choices and take decisions.

Those who blindly follow never achieve liberation because they are being led and used by their leaders. Blind followers are after desire fulfillment. Desires are never fulfilled. Only true knowledge shuts the gates of desires.

To achieve liberation we need to ask questions. With each doubt cleared or question answered, we are removing the layers of ignorance that is covering the Truth.
Asking questions or having doubt is not blasphemy. It is an important element in faith. It helps us in understanding our faith better.