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Importance Of Archana In Hindu Temples

Archana is one of the most important pujas that devotees perform in a Hindu Temple and this is most popular in South India . An archana can be performed on any day. Most people perform it on birthdays, auspicious occasions etc. Archana is basically offering flowers to Hindu deities with the chanting of mantras – usually 108 or 1008 names of the deities. It is performed before the deity in a temple by the priest. Archana is performed for peace and prosperity. Some people perform it on their birth Nakshatra or rashi in all months. Some people perform it on particular dates that is important to them. Archanas are offered in all Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesha, Muruga and Devi temples. Some of the popular archanas are – Ashtottara Nama Archana – chanting of the name of the god 108 times and offering flowers. Trishati Namarchana – this is chanting of the name 300 times. Chaturshati Namarchana – this is chanting of the name 400 times. Sahasra Namarchana is chanting the 1000

Damodar Lake in Nepal – Greatness of Damodar Kund in Annapurna Range in Himalayas

Damodar Lake is a Holy Lake in Hinduism and the importance of it was narrated by Varaha (boar incarnation or avatar of Vishnu) to Bhu Devi . Vishnu himself created the lake for the benefit of the human beings. The greatness of Damodar Kund is found in the Varaha Purana . It is believed that Sri Krishna as Damodara asked Nalakuvara and Manigriva, the twin trees that were pulled down by baby Krishna using wooden grinding mortar, to take bath in this lake to get rid of all sins and attain Moksha. Nalakuvera and Manigriva were cursed by Narada to be born as twin Arjuna trees at Vrindavan for ignoring Him. Narada had said to Nalakuvara and Manigriva that they will escape from curse when Krishna will pull them down. After pulling the tree down, Krishna asked them to go to the pond to purifying themselves. It is narrated by Varaha that human beings can escape from the clutches of the material world by taking bath in the Damodar Lake . One will be liberated from all the s